Should the NFL Consider Half of the League on Byes one week and then another week, Just Like the NHL?

The NHL last year instituted the five-day bye week for teams because of the World Cup of Hockey. Now, the NHL is going to start doing that most likely every season. Most teams in the NHL will be off this week and most teams will be off the next week.

It was too spread out last season and the NHL wanted it to be closer to the fact that half of the league had one week off and the other half of the league the week off the week after. This is so NHL players get a much needed rest for a days.

I thought about this morning, should the NFL consider doing the same starting next season? The NFL usually starts their bye weeks in 4. Realistically, why would anyone want to have a bye week in week 4? What was insane is that the NFL this past season had to make the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins bye week in week one this season of Hurricane Irma that occurred in Miami. Tampa Bay and Miami had to make up the game in week 11 because of it and they both luckily had a bye originally scheduled for that week.

The byes are spread out anywhere from weeks 4-11. Why should that be? Shouldn’t half of the teams have bye weeks in eight and half of the other teams have bye weeks in week nine? Would that lose to much business by NFL standards? All the NFL cares about is money and that’s true. The players could use a much needed week off like in week eight or nine and not week five for example. They take a beating week in and week out.

I think if 16 teams had a bye one week, the NFL would lose a money that week. If you don’t want to do that, have eight teams have a bye week from seven-10 and that problem would be solved. It would still be eight teams on bye, but at least 12 games would be played instead of only eight games.



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