So, you had a Texans player in Fantasy Football. What to do after Watson’s torn ACL.

Horrible news was released today out of the Houston Texans practice that rookie phenom, Deshaun Watson has suffered a torn ACL. This is devasting news for not only the Houston Texans but the entire NFL. Watson was a clear frontrunner for Rookie of the Year and even was in the running for MVP. What Watson had done in his short career was nothing short of spectacular but sadly his year is most likely over.

All prayers and thoughts go out to Watson and his family. But the league will not slow down for him and neither will Fantasy Football.

This kills the stock in almost every Houston Texans player, mostly Hopkins and Fuller. They go from must-starts to now a weekly headache, ugh. Below shows the decrease in per game PPR output in non-Deshaun Watson starts for key Texans players.

Fuller: -58%

Hopkins: -45%

Miller: -16%

Their value has sunken and with them playing a stellar Jacksonville defense in week 15(fantasy playoffs), your best option may be trading them. The good news is they are both incredibly hot so you should be able to get pretty good value out of them, some targets may be AJ Green and Mike Evans out of Hopkins and someone like Keenan Allen out of Fuller. This is hoping for someone to NOT overreact on the injury news like they should.

The same goes for Lamar Miller, although his stock is not hurt as much as these receivers. He should see a huge dropoff in TDs, but his yards and carries shouldn’t change. I would begin shopping him and see what you could get out from him.


To summarize, Hopkins’ stock drops to that of an upside WR2 and Fuller, who see’s the biggest drop, is most likely just a WR3/4 with high upside week to week. Lamar Miller stays a volume driven RB2. The best advice is to try to trade these hot goods for the best you can get from them hoping to make a splash and continuing your push for a championship.

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