Solving the NBA’s Problems

Three major issues have recently come to light in the NBA: tanking, the draft lottery, and playoff structure. Being the genius that I am, I have taken it upon myself to solve these problems.

In an effort to acquire more ping pong balls in the draft lottery to ensure themselves a higher probability at the number one overall pick, bad NBA teams have resorted to tanking. This waters down the product on the court and costs the NBA money. What if every team that missed the playoffs only got one ping pong ball? Equal odds at the number one pick for every “bad” team. Tanking is now irrelevant. Now you might be thinking “Why would a team play hard at the end of the season to get the 8 seed just to get bounced in the first round?” STOP! Because now we do away with conferences and seed 1 – 16 by record. Oh, and did I mention the first round is one game per matchup? What?!?! Yes! Not only does your junky 16 seed of a team have a chance to upset the 1 and move on after just one game, but you also only have to travel across the country just once. Now in the second round matchups are best of three, third round is best of five and the finals are best of seven.


Quick recap:

  • 14 teams that don’t make the NBA playoffs all have an equal chance at each of the first 14 spots in the NBA draft.
  • Teams that make playoffs are seeded 1 – 16 and there are no more conferences.
  • Playoff format is now 1 game in the first round, best of 3 series in the second round, best of 5 series in the third round, and the NBA finals is a best of 7 series.



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