Speculation Game: The Scenario where Ryan Tannehill ends up in New Jersey.

In a post, earlier today I eluded to a Ryan Tannehill trade to the Jets. At the time it was honestly wild speculation but the more I think about it the more I honestly believe Tannehill could be out in Miami after this season.
Step into my time machine we whizz forth through time and space to February 2018, the Dolphins have just played to a 10-6 season missing the playoffs in the AFC with one Jay Cutler at QB. Cutler has had a terrific season thrown 20 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Popular belief inside the building is that Adam Gase wants to resign Cutler to another one-year deal. Cutler being Cutler though wants a big money multiyear deal after having a career season. So the Dolphins let him walk. Cutler finds a Cushy job in free agency and moves on with his life. However, in Miami with Ryan Tannehill’s knee still, a question and Gase wanting fresh start trade talks start to brew.
It’s not that crazy if you think about it (zooming back to present day in our time machine) When Gase took over in Miami there were whispers he wanted a new QB to start over with. Tannehill had a good half year in the Gase system but they never really jelled. After this injury, you have to think that the Miami front office is starting to think about moving on from Tannehill. If Cutler has a great season in the Gase system is it that crazy to think that the Finns front office would think about letting Tannehill go? We step back into our time machine drifting towards the unknown.
March 2018, trade requests from two teams start flooding into the Miami front office. The Browns and Jets are interested in Tannehill. After a poor year from Deshone Kizer, Sashi Brown is starting to feel his seat get hot in Cleveland. Sure they could bring in one of the many talented rookies going into the 2018 draft but Tannehill is proven. He fits Hue Jackson’s system, and he is Hues kind of QB standing at 6’4. So the Browns offer the lower of their first two first rounder’s and their highest second round pick for Tannehill. The South Beach front office turns them down. Sashi is patient though and decides to step back. Meanwhile in New York after a nightmare 2-14 season, the Jets and Mike Mccagnen are panicking. The plan all along has been to grab one of the many QB options in this draft with the first round pick but Mike is getting scared. A 2-14 year in New Jersey has taken its toll on a GM and coach who know they have to win the offseason. So the Jets load up on ammo. Cleveland gets the Jets number one overall pick for 2019 and 2020 for their number two pick in the draft along with 3-second rounder’s. So the Jets pull the trigger and trade the first overall pick in the draft and there 2021 first overall pick for Tannehill. Miami gets Darnold at one but Trades the two back to Cleveland for their lower round first rounder and their remaining second rounder’s. Cleveland picks up their QB at number two and trades back into the late first round as well.
When the dust settles Tannehill is in New York, Darnold is in Miami, and the Browns score their QB while giving up only a first and 3 second round draft picks, but gain three extra first rounder’s. In the end, Cleveland wins this deal New York still struggles with Tannehill and Gase gets his fresh blood.
How likely is all of this to happen? There’s not a great chance but it could happen and it’s always fun to speculate. Hit me up with speculations of your own on twitter @Eric18utah..


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