Sports Trivia

download (1)Hi everyone, for those of you who missed my articles (He says with the illusion that anybody actually cares) I apologize, I just don’t feel like writing and haven’t for the past few days, I’m sure is just a temporary thing, after all, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I began writing and as I did, I started at a pace it was obvious I wouldn’t keep, writing on a daily basis or close to it is not a problem, but it can wear you out, especially when you have other obligations but as I said this is a temporary thing so expect them to be back soon.

For now, I’ll leave you with another trivia, this time I’ll mix it up a bit, bringing in some football questions and as for the NL half of bold predictions, that will probably be up Friday night. Some award and playoff predictions coming before the regular season as well.

In this trivia, I’ll ask the question and on the next page, you’ll see a picture with the answer.

Feel free to post your answers and how you fared in the comment section.


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