Steve Kerr is right: “we can beat anybody in the league without Steph”

Steve Kerr is right and please dont think he is being cocky. The NBA season is about to be over and the Warriors will most likely walk in to the first round without Steph Curry. Thats ok Dub nation you guys are in good hands.

“Our guys know that. It’s going to be hard to beat anybody in the league without Steph, KD, Klay and Draymond. I’m going to have coach a lot better for that to happen. But we’re very confident we’re going to get the other three guys back here soon.”

No team in the NBA has a better chemistry than the Warriors and can make adjustments better than the Warriors. The numbers are completely different when Curry is not on the floor but GUESS WHAT they are still winning.

The Warriors are currently 13-8 without Curry and the team is plagued with injuries at the moment but thats all about to change. This Week they should be getting back Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. Plus Klay Thompson should be returning before the playoffs start.

With 3 of the 4 All-Stars returning the Warriors should be able to ride out the rest of the season and get past the first round of the playoffs with Steph Curry hopefully returning in the second. CURRY JUST HEAL UP YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS!!!

The Warriors maybe built around Curry but they have the 2nd best player(in my eyes the BEST player in the world) in Kevin Durant. Durant has stepped up to the plate every time the Warriors was without Curry this season before dealing with injuries of his own.

Durant is the leader of the Warriors anytime Curry is absent. He averaged 28.5 points when Curry went down with an ankle sprain back on Dec. 4 and missed 11 games. Plus don’t forget he put up 30 or more in 5 of those games. Oh snap did i forget that he had a triple double and a couple of double-doubles during that stretch( #Beastmode)?

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Durant continues to step up to the plate and elevate his game when Curry goes down and i expect nothing less

He then went on to put up MVP numbers during another stretch of games that Curry missed. Unfortunately he started to deal with his own injuries during that stretch. He averaged 35 points per game( shooting 45%), 7.3 rebounds and 4.6 assist before dealing with a rib injury. The Morale of the story is Steve Kerr is absolutely right!!!

The Warriors beat anybody without Curry. No team has better chemistry, more confident, and can adjust better than the Warriors. The will have Draymond, and Klay back but Durant will be the huge difference maker because of the way he scores and creates plays on both sides of the ball. They are projected to play the Timberwolves in the first round of the playoffs.




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