College Football Playoff Predictions (Week 8)

Geary’s College Football Playoff Predictions (Week 8)

 Article by Jack Geary

With most teams having 5 games left in the season, I have finally decided to piece together my playoff predictions for the 2017 College Football Season. Albeit, so much has occurred this year that it makes it much easier to predict the final 4 teams. Michigan has disappeared, the ACC has pretty much deceased, and the PAC 12 has turned into hot garbage. Although, with 5 weeks left, there is still so much to be unraveled. Without further ado, these are my 2017/2018 College Football Playoff Predictions.

(AP rankings were used to address ranked teams)

       1. Alabama

Remaining Tough Games: #23 LSU, #19 Auburn, and MAYBE #3 Georgia (SEC championship)

Reason why they will be in the playoffs: It’s Alabama. Seriously, everyone expects Bama to be in the playoffs. Coming in at 5\4 favorites to win the national championship, the Crimson Tide are expected to cruise to the playoffs. Although, a potential SEC championship game against Georgia could be a shockingly tough game for the Tide. Still, never bet against Saban. Alabama is the most complete team in college football and should own the #1 seed heading into the playoffs.

       2. Penn State

Remaining Tough Games: #6 Ohio State, #16 Michigan State

Reason why they will be in the playoffs: The matchup against Ohio State on Saturday will be the defining game for Penn State’s season. Penn State has a couple of matchups they need to survive in and they will be sitting in the Big ten championship. The Nittany Lions need to limit turnovers and continue to play outstanding defense to get to the playoffs. Penn State will beat Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship, Mark it!

       3. Georgia

Remaining Tough Games: #19 Auburn, MAYBE #1 Alabama

Reason why they will be in the playoffs: Georgia’s road to an undefeated regular season isn’t that daunting. Beat Auburn and you get to face Bama in the SEC championship. I’m banking on Georgia making it a game against Bama in the SEC championship. Everyone on the playoff committee should be fired if a 12-1 Georgia team with a hard fought loss to Alabama is left out of the playoffs. 

       4. Notre Dame

Remaining Tough Games: #14 NC State, #8 Miami, #20 Stanford

Reason why they will be in the playoffs: Those who have been following me throughout this season know that I have been huge on this Notre Dame. After a completely dominating performance against USC, the nation is starting to recognize the Irish as a playoff threat. Although, Notre Dame has a grueling schedule still on the table, I believe they can handle it. ND wins out and sneaks into the playoffs, Mark it. Bring on Bama…

Overview: Only two conferences being represented in the college football playoff would be pandemonium. No Big 12, no ACC, and no PAC 12. It’s possible and it’s my prediction. Let the rest of the season unfold…