The Browns Might Be Good But I Won’t Buy It Until I See It.

On this March 9th of 2018 the Cleveland Browns have suddenly become the toast of the NFL offseason. The Browns have traded for wide receiver Jarvis Landry, quarterback Tyrod Taylor and CB Damarious Randall, while trading away picks and QB Deshone Kizer.

Let me start by saying I am not a Browns fan, nor am I a Browns hater I am just a football fan. These trades make the Browns a much better team yes, but they may not translate to on field success. Think about it, the last two years the Browns have been the toast of the offseason and in that time, they have won one game. What makes this time different?

Well the argument would go they have vets over draft picks now. Tyrod Taylor like him or not is at least a suitable NFL starting QB. Jarvis Landry is considered by some, not myself, a very talented number one receiver than can terrorize defenses. Demarious Randall simply adds depth at CB. At this point it is safe to say the number one overall pick will be Saqon Barkley. I was opposed to that until the Browns found a suitable QB, they can now take a QB at 4.

John Dorsey has certainly done things differently, he has made it clear that now is not the time to sit back and build. For Dorsey now is the time to try and create a suitable landing spot for other big name free agents like Kirk Cousins, perhaps. Dorsey wants this team to win now. Personally, I do not believe that they are remotely ready to win now, that is not to say I disagree with these moves. The Browns organization has done the right thing for once, it has appeased its fans. For the first time in some while the Browns will go into the season with more than just over hyped rookies. They will have real NFL players that will put them in a place to be competitive in the league.

That is not to say they will be. I have seen this story too many times and been sucked in too many times. The Browns make big off season moves and create excitement. I always buy in and say they go 9-7 or even 6-10 and it never pans out. Hue Jackson could still screw all this up, he really could, he is the chink in the armor of Cleveland and the Achilles heal all at the same time. As to say Cleveland, good moves, you are headed in the right direction. Now, prove it.

Other moves
The NFL is becoming a trade league. Mainly because of the cap but if you want to read about that, you can find it here NFL Networks Gregg Rosenthall has a great piece on it, let’s talk about those trades this week.

Michael Bennet to the Eagles: A good move for the Eagles who have not gotten complacent after a Super Bowl win. In Seattle with this trade and the cut of Richard Sherman it signifies a new era. One in which HOT TAKE ALERT, Pete Caroll is on the hot seat.
Aqib Talib to the Rams: The Broncos are in a full fledged rebuild and have no chance for Kirk Cousins. A major down time is coming in Denver. Meanwhile the Rams should be considered the favorite not just for the division but for the Super Bowl.


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