The Carson Wentz train rolls on. What we learned Thursday night.

1. Chad Henne is not a better nor worse option than Blake Bortles. Henne wont score the Jags points this year but he won’t turn the ball over either. Fantasy tip stay away from the Jags passing game Allen Robinson is a tempting name but he isn’t worth it until the late, late rounds. Henne threw for ten yards in the first half that’s disgusting for an NFL QB.
2. Cam Newton looked…. Well he didn’t look like anything. We really didn’t see anything from Cam who threw two completions for 21 yards and a Touchdown. Not a lot to learn from that performance.
3. Jay Cutler looks in command of the Dolphins offense. He threw five of eight passes complete for 105 yards. A touchdown to add to that stat line as well. Cutler looks like he has this QB thing handled pretty well again. Bold Prediction: Cutler will have his best career year in this system and throw 30 touchdowns, 24 at least.
4. Jay Ajayi is the most underrated back in the league. He ran for 53 yards and two touchdowns. I am sneaky way high on this offense. If Cutler can be as good as I think he will be and the running game can work just as well, I don’t want to say it because it would shove the Titans out of a playoff spot but I think the Dolphins could make it back to the playoffs.
5. Carson Wentz looks like a new QB with fixed mechanics. They still look weird but not bad. It’s hard to explain on paper. He doesn’t throw all the through. He stops at the highest realease point like a follow through in basketball. He still has a slightly longer wind up but nothing as criminal as last year though. However Wentz and his pocket presence has improved noticeably.


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