The Case For Trevor Siemian as the Broncos Starting play caller

As the Denver Broncos enter training camp, the biggest question is which of the two Quarterbacks healthy and on the roster will win the starting job? When Gary Kubiak retired in January an offense that was hard to learn for rookies and even Peyton Manning. In will come Mike McCoy who’s offense favors young Quarterbacks like Siemian and Lynch. The Broncos QB battle will be decided by the third preseason game according to Vance Joseph. Both Siemian and Lynch have shared snaps in the first few days of camp with the first team.
This is not so much a preview or a news article as it is an opinion and commentary piece. I just do not understand why so many Broncos fans want to see Lynch when clearly Siemian is the better choice under center. People so often hate on Trevor and as a Broncos fan, I just have one question why? He was a serviceable starter last year that can develop into a franchise QB if he is given the chance. Lynch is an unproven reckless and frankly pro unready option that will make the Broncos worse.
The Stats to back that up.

Trevor Siemian
Touch Downs: 18
Interceptions: 10
Yards: 3401
Completion Percentage 60% (59.5 but we round up here)

Siemian had a fantastic season last year. 18 touchdowns to 10 interceptions is a fantastic stat line for, let’s face it a rookie year. Most Rookies throw upwards to 20 interceptions a year the fact Trevor kept the ball safe for most of the season behind a terrible offensive line is a miracle. Not only that it proves he has the skills it takes to be a starting QB that eliminates the signal callers worst enemy, turnovers. As for touch downs did Siemian light up the score board? No, but he did enough to keep the Broncos competitive. If Trev would have stayed healthy for the entire season and played in that game against the Falcons I believe the Broncos would have made the Playoffs.
Speaking of Atlanta, that was the only look Broncos fans really got at Paxton last year and it was clear he was not ready. He looked like another option QB being terrorized by the NFL’s complex defenses. Lynch fans will point to the Buccaneers game where granted he played well. He only played half of that game though. It was a weak Tampa Bay defense and the opposition just didn’t have time to prepare for the Rookie QB. The Falcons however who had a bottom 5 defense when they played Denver in week 6 last year had a week to prepare. They terrorized Lynch sacking him 6 times. Another major beef people have with Trev is that he takes sacks yeah, he doesn’t take 6 sacks in a single game and throw an interception. Lynch was not ready to play NFL QB then I don’t see how that is any different now. Sure he may have learned more and improved but if you have a solid QB like Trev already in place why take him out to play with John Elway’s little experiment.
Face the music if Lynch gets the start it will be because of Elway. I love John Elway but Lynch was a mistake at QB the first of many seasons with Elway at the helm. Sure he has a big arm and athletic ability but he would have been there in the second round and if Elway had been more patient he could have nabbed him there. If not maybe in some bizarre parallel universe the Cowboys get Paxton, as they originally planned and the Broncos end up with Dak. That’s for another time though.
It is a cold November night at Mile High Stadium. The Broncos struggled in the first half but Trevor comes out smoking in the second half and throws three touch downs. To the victor go the spoils, the Chiefs won that game on a deflection off a goal post. That is what people remember about that game. What they forget is that with a shoulder injury, behind a bad offensive line, and without a run game. Trevor Siemian threw three touch downs no interceptions and for over 360 yards. He was sacked 5 times but that was a pass rushers game if you’ll recall. Alex Smith was sacked 6 times. The point is this before you cast out Trevor Siemian as some washed up back up remember he’s not. He’s a second-year player basically who is much improved over a rookie who has had two different offenses in two years. Don’t underestimate how good Trevor Siemian could be.


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