The Cavs Rant

What in the world happened to the Cleveland Cavaliers? The defending champs just got slapped around my the Golden State Warriors. I’m not one to call the series over. But Clevelands got some things to work on if they play to “Defend the Land” see what I did there.! Final score of game 1, Warriors 113 Cavs 91. The first road loss of the playoffs for the Cavs, but here are some things that need to be fixed in order for King James and the Cavs to repeat.

1.) Turnovers

 Following Game 1 the Cavs finished with a total of 20 turnovers. Out of every team in the league to turn the ball over to you choose the Warriors. A team that thrives off of turnovers. Cleveland must protect the basketball better. It is the only way they are gonna win games. Don’t turn the ball over. Force them. 

2.) Defense 

One of the worst, if not the worst defensive performance by the Cavaliers all season. For example. Durant grabs board, takes down the court the Warriors have a 3 on 2, why in the world are the Cavs running to the man sitting at the 3 point line. They made Durant look like Moses parting the Red Sea.  The Cavs need to get stops at all costs. The Warriors have too much fire power to allow open looks and uncontested shots. They are arguably the best shooting team in the league. There is a D in Cleveland, but no D in the Cavaliers in Game 1. 

3.) Missing open Looks 

The Cavs didn’t have the best night of shooting. Only 34.9% from the field. A all time low for the Cavs. The only way you are gonna beat the Warriors is by scoring as much as possible. Golden State is a streaky team. They can go on 12-0 runs like nothing. You have to match them. Eye for an eye. If Curry is gonna hit a 3, Cleveland has to answer back. You let the Warriors get hot and you don’t match them, GAVE OVER. 

4.) Stopping KD

Kevin Durant led the Warriors in Game 1 with 38 points, 8 assists and 8 Rebounds. If the Cavs don’t stop Durants outstanding Mid-Range game and shut him down on his drives to the basket, they will lose. It’s very possible the Warriors could sweep. Going into the #’s Draymond and Klay didn’t even have good games. It’s gonna be tough to shut down this high powered offfense, but it starts with KD. 



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