The Fantasy Impact from yesterdays injuries

To put it simply, yesterday was not a good day in terms of injuries for the NFL. Both Spencer Ware and Julian Edelman suffered severe injuries in yesterdays action. Julian Edelman suffered what is believed to be a torn-ACL and is likely to miss the entire season, this is not official, yet, but what the early reports have been stating. For Spencer Ware, it is being reported that it is just a sprained knee, and the ACL looks to be intact. He is likely to miss at least a month, if not more time with this injury.

What it means for Fantasy Football

Julian Edelman:

With Edelman likely out for the season, almost every receiver on the Patriots should see a bump, including Gronkowski and even James White and Dion Lewis. If you are drafting this weekend, DO NOT DRAFT EDELMAN. If you have already drafted, go pick up Chris Hogan ASAP and even Danny Amendola if you are in a deeper league.

Spencer Ware

This one is interesting, it had already been reported that Kareem Hunt could potentially take over the starting RB duties from Spencer Ware anyways and know that Ware is likely to miss time, Kareem Hunt vaults right into the starting RB duties. Kareem Hunt is a stud RB and is debatable RB2 when Ware is out. Hunt has the potential to start the season as the lead RB and carry that title throughout the season. I would look to take Kareem Hunt even in the 7-8th round right now, and that is likely to go up in the upcoming days. If you already drafted, you need to pick up Hunt right now or try to trade for him.


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