The Final QB Rankings of the year,

With Week 17 upon us we take a look at the final QB rankings of the regular season. After the Super Bowl expect the final overall rankings including every QB who has played this year. Until then, enjoy.



1. Tom Brady: Brady hasn’t played his best ball over the past month. However the QB situation in the league is currently so mediocre, at best, that Brady stays at one for me and get’s my vote for MVP.

2. Drew Brees: Brees has played good ball over the past month and continues to be a staple at the QB position.

Dreww Brees
3. Jared Goff: Chalk it up to scheming and Gurley fine, but Goff has out played everyone under him on this list. He’s got the decision making and big play capability to be a top 3 QB and that’s what he is.

Jerad Goff
4. Russell Wilson: Wilson has had a great year with very little around him.
5. Ben Roethlisberger: Big Ben has balled out down the stretch. Crowning AB as an MVP would have been fun but Ben Roethlisberger was the one throwing him those passes down the stretch.

Ben Roethlisberger
6. Jimmy Garoppolo: To high? Really, I don’t think so this guy just carved up an NFL top 5 defense. Jimmy G elevates the play of every single teammate around him. That’s why he gets the sixth spot on this list.
7. Case Keenum: Keenum isn’t lighting up teams as he did earlier in the year but he hasn’t made killer mistakes either.

8. Kirk Cousins: Cousins has remained consistent with very little around him all year long.

Kirk Cousins
9. Matthew Stafford: The same case as for Cousins. Stafford is the best part of a very mediocre team.

Matthew Staffotd

10. Cam Newton: Newton has played his best ball over the last quarter of the season. Yes he makes bad decisions at points but when the game is on the line Newton is the guy I want under center.
11. Phillip Rivers
12. Alex Smith
13. Joe Flacco
14. Blake Bortles
15. Tyrod Taylor
16. Matt Ryan
17. Dak Prescott
18. Blaine Gabbert
19. Jameis Winston
20. Derek Carr
21. Marcus Mariota
22. Jacoby Brissett
23. Mitchell Trubisky
24. Brett Hundley
25. Eli Manning
26. Nick Foles
27. Andy Dalton
28. TJ Yates/ Tom Savage
29. Jay Cutler
30. Bryce Petty
31. Brock Osweiler
32. Deshone Kizer


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