The Idea of Trading Mike Trout


Where to start on Mike Trout, 40.6 career WAR, 2 time MVP, 2012 ROY, 5 time all-star, career .306 hitter. While there is no denying Mike Trout is on a whole different level than every one else in the MLB. Since Mike Trouts first full season in 2012 he has completely dominated, finishing in top 2 for MVP voting and leading the league in WAR every year. Not to mention Mike Trout is only 25 years old. Mike Trout truly is special.

While Mike Trout completely tears up the league, his team does not. The Angeles other than Trout are a complete mess. The Angels have no players on the top 100 prospect watch. The future for the Angels looks bleak and unless the Angels begin to make some big moves the Angels will be destined to fail. I took a poll on my Twitter page and 75% of the voters said that the Angels should consider trading Trout…

Now don’t get me wrong, the idea of trading Trout is crazy, but a good one. The asking price for Jose Fernandez last off-season was Corey Seager and Julio Urias and more from the Dodgers, and that was for a yes dominant pitcher but one with a bad history of injuries and an incoming free agency. Which leads to the asking price for Trout.

When comparing Jose Fernandez’s asking price, you begin to wonder what could it be for Trout and if any team could even afford him…

This leads to the perfect match, the Chicago Cubs. A team primed to be in contention for years, with a hole to fill in Center Field with the loss of Dexter Fowler. Not to mention the Cubs are overflowing with young players and could likely afford Trout.

Below are 3 Mock Trades for Mike Trout with the Cubs

Trade 1:

Angels Get:

Kyle Schwarber — Javier Baez — Eloy Jiminez

Cubs Get:

Mike Trout —

Trade 2:

Angels Get:

Jason Heyward — Kyle Schwarber — Javier Baez

Cubs Get: Mike Trout

Trade 3:

Angels Get:

Kyle Schwarber — Addison Russell —  Eloy Jiminez

Cubs Get:

Mike Trout

When looking at these, the second and third may be stretches but the first should theoretically hit the spot. It gives the Cubs the best player in the league in a position they are weak. It gives the Angels a stud DH in Schwarber, and key building blocks in Baez and Jiminez.

Cubs potential line-up after trade:

1: Ben Zobrist (2B)

2: Kris Bryant (3B)

3: Mike Trout (CF)

4: Anthony Rizzo (1B)

5: Willson Contreras ( C )

6:Addison Russell (SS)

7: Jason Heyward (RF)

8. Split of Szczur, Almora, Jay (LF)

9. Pitcher**

Look at the 2–4 in this line-up. Could you immagine as an opposing pitcher having to figure out how to get around Bryant, Trout and Rizzo all in a row, it would be horrifying. While the trade of Mike Trout seems very very unlikely, its something that both teams should consider in the best interest of their clubs.

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