The Impending 2018-19 Free Agent Class

The MLB off-season is undoubtedly he most impactful of all the main professional American sports. Every year marquee names are moved constantly leaving huge impacts on the rest of the league, which is not something seen as much in other sports today.

While the typical free agent class includes a couple of big names such as in this offseason names such as Encarnacion, Chapman, Fowler and more were all free agents. The 2018-2019 free agent class is different. And when I say different, I mean it. The list of players that are set to become free agents are unbelievable, some of the greatest players in baseball set to choose their teams.

Let’s have a look at some of the players set to become a free-agent…

Note** The ages listed are current

Adrian Gonzalez (34)

Yadier Molina (34)

Ian Kinsler (34)

Nelson Cruz (36)

Adrian Beltre (37)

Adam Wainwright (35)

Mike Napoli (35)

After looking at that list you should recognize those as very good players, but when noticing their ages these players seem to lose a lot of value.

Then it gets more interesting…

Hunter Pence (33)

Adam Jones (31)

David Robertson (31)

Brett Gardner (33)

Sean Doolittle (30)

Trevor Rosenthal (26)

Now let’s start to pick things up…

Craig Kimbrel (28)

Andrew Miller (31)

Zach Britton (29)

Andrew McCutchen (30)

Michael Brantley (29)

Jose Quintana (28)

Brian Dozier (29)

Daniel Murphy (31)

Jean Segura (26)

Yu Darvish (30)

Matt Harvey (27)

Dallas Keuchel (29)

AJ Pollock (29)

Now for the final group… The superstars

Josh Donaldson (31)

Bryce Harper (24)

Manny Machado (24)

Clayton Kershaw (28)

Note** Some players (including Kershaw, have an opt out clause after 2018) and were listed

This may be one of (if not) the greatest free-agent classes ever. This list is absolutely incredible. Once you get past the power four of Kershaw, Machado, Harper, and Donaldson you are still left with an amazing group. The bullpen arms including Britton, Miller, Kimberly, Ramos, Rosenthal sure will make their new teams happy. Then there are players like McCutchen, Pollock, Segura that are core pieces to a team that will be joining this group. This class is fantastic.

While we begin to get ready for the 2017 regular season, this class looms in. Its effect will be astronomical to the league. As teams begin to prepare we can only wait for what will be inevitably coming.


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