The Jason Pierre Paul Trade and How It Could Make The Giants Massive Draft Day Winners.

Earlier this morning Jason Pierre Paul formerly of the New York Giants was traded for a third and fourth round pick. This sets up several interesting scenarios for the NFL Draft. I thought it would be pertinent to look at those right now.

Scenario 1: The Giants keep the second over all pick and draft Bradley Chubb. Other than Damon Harrison the Giants now really do lack a pass rush while every other aspect of their defense is still relatively strong.

Scenario 2: The Giants keep the second over all pick and take a QB. Personally, I believe this is the strongest course of action for the Giants. You cannot argue that Eli Manning has had a steep decline the past three years. The Giants need a successor and this draft would provide that for them.

Scenario 3: The Giants trade the pick to the Denver Broncos. Denver would have to most likely give up there fifth overall pick a second and a third to move into this position. Perhaps even picks from next year but it would put the team in prime position to take a QB.

Scenario 4: The Giants trade down to number four. The Giants could Trade down to number four with the Browns. A potential trade would look something like this, Browns get the second overall pick. Giants receive: Fourth overall pick two second rounder’s, a second rounder next year, a third, a fourth, and maybe even the Browns next years second round pick. This is the best course of action for the Giants because they could trade down from four with the Bills or Dolphins and receive a boatload of picks as well.

Scenario 5: The Giants trade the second pick to the Bills or Dolphins. I still believe scenario four is the best option because you could double the amount of picks you have but if the Giants really wanted to they could trade to the Bills or Dolphins for two first rounder’s and several second round picks.

In the end trading Pierre Paul was an excellent move for the Giants. Because it now puts them in a position where if they were to pass on a QB they could trade down two times and get several first rounder’s and a handful of high draft picks for that second overall pick. I would go with scenario four if the Giants don’t want a QB at two.


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