The Jensen TV Guide 6 Things To Watch In Sports This Week and One To Keep You Well Rounded.

After a week off the Jensen TV Guide makes its return. Enjoy, and stay well rounded.

Tuesday: Nashville Predators Winnipeg Jets. A battle for the top of the division and the debut of newly minted Jet Paul Stastny. A massive game in the central, there are all kinds of great NHL games Tuesday night though. I would heavily recommend Blues Wild and Oilers Sharks. In reality, the playoff teams in the NHL aren’t really going to change over the next six weeks the fun part will be seeing where they all end up in the seeding. Especially in the west because other than the Kings, sorry Aves fans, there isn’t a really exciting bubble team but the playoff field itself is wide open.

wpg goalie.jpg

Wednesday: Villanova Seton Hall. This game is on the list because you should be on upset watch for the Wild Cats. Seton Hall is an extremely good team getting extremely hot before tourney time. This game is the highlight of college basketballs week night closing week slate.


Thursday: 76ers Cavaliers. A key game in the eastern conference. If the Sixers could grab a win over the Cavs it would bolster their credibility in the race for the Eastern conferences three seed. Simmons Lebron is also one of those matchups that you just really want to watch.

Friday: Big Ten Championship Qaurterfinals. To give a specific game, Michigan Sate vs Maryland or my pick Wisconsin. If Wisconsin and MSU played each other again I think there is a real chance that Wisconsin could pull off the upset.


Saturday: Duke UNC. I mean what else could it be? It is the best rivalry in college basketball and Duke has something to prove coming off a loss to Virginia Tech while North Carolina is red hot. I cannot wait for this game.

Sunday: LA Galaxy Portland Timbers. MLS kicks off Saturday so lets give it some pop for a week until it disappears into march madness. LA finished last year as the worst team in the league, so all they can do is move up at this point. However, they have the talent to be a really good team. On the other side the leagues reigning MVP Diego Valeri takes the field for the first time in a while without former Portland star Darlington Nagbe.

And one: Write a letter. The art of letter writing has been lost on my generation. However I believe there is nothing better than receiving a letter in the mail. Especially one you don’t know is coming. So write someone. Enjoy your week guys!



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