The Jensen TV Guide: Six Games To Watch This Week and One Other Thing To Do.

With the NFL fading fast from our lives, people like myself are in a conundrum. What do I do without football? How do i survive when my life essence for the pass 4 months, that has oozed from LG screens into my life is now suddenly gone? Well here are six more games, one for each day up to Sunday, that you can sit on your ass and watch. I have some moral responsibility, I feel, to make you do something else this week to so the and one provides you something that will improve your life. Enjoy, see you next Tuesday.


Tuesday: Kansas Oklahoma– Two of the top teams in the Big 12 battle it out for a position a top the best conference in College basketball. Trae Young coming off of a 48-point night in a loss to OK State and Kansas coming off a 3 point win over a tough Baylor team. Tune in!

Wednesday: Kings Flames– The Flames are on a hot streak right now. They have gone from outside of the playoffs to a divisional top 3 spot in the pacific. The team ahead of them, the Los Angeles Kings. A major game in the battle for the playoffs and two hockey teams that get physical when they meet each other. It’s prime time action at its finest.

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Thursday: Wizards Thunder- Jon Wall vs Russell Westbrook. A matchup between two of the leagues premiere point guards. The Wizards are reportedly having locker room issues and have reached there peak according to some while the Thunder continue to find their groove as the big 3 in OKC heat up.

Friday: 76ers Spurs- No Kawhi for this matchup but as long as Pop is in San An the Spurs will always play good competitive team basketball. Also, Lamarcus Aldridge vs Joel Embiid on the post is a really enticing matchup.

Saturday: Duke Virginia– This is a massive determining game in the top heavy ACC. If Duke grabs a win here, they put themselves in good position to win the regular season title. However if they lose they make it even easier for Virginia to snatch it from under them. High stakes indeed.

Sunday: NHL all-star game– 3 on 3 action galore, no defense, all speed all skill why wouldn’t you watch this?

And one: Read a book– I’ve recently cracked open the archaic paper information highway and wandered into mystical lands. I’m currently falling in love with Hunter S Thompson, total badass and reading fear and loathing in Las Vegas. The man was a master with words and truly a weird thinker. I mean that in the most flattering way possible. Living in a drug induced state constantly, somehow produced one of the most creative writers of our time.


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