The Jensen TV Guide: You’re Going To Be Watching A lot Of CBB This Week.

Football season is over, sad, but fear not there are other Sports. Every week Eric Jensen has you covered with a game a night you should be watching. He also throws in something else you should be doing, to keep you a well rounded human being. Enjoy!


Tuesday- Russ and KD aka Golden State OKC, what more do I have to sell you on. The Thunder are on a skid but the Warriors are coming off a loss in Denver. This game is tight all the way down to the end.

Wednesday- Ohio State Purdue, one and three in the big ten clash on Wednesday night. This is a week jam packed with challenges for Purdue and this is the game they need to win to prove they are a legit threat to win the tourney. Not to mention to take momentum with them to a colossal matchup against Michigan State Saturday.

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Thursday- Duke UNC, the fact seven loss UNC is still ranked is disgusting. Like honestly, what does this team have to do to fall out of the top 25? Even if they win this game I wouldn’t have them in the top 25. Duke on the other hand is coming off an embarrassing loss to Saint Johns. Honestly they’re lucky to still be in the top ten in my opinion. I wanted to put another game on Thursday so bad but there just isn’t much going on in the world of sports Thursday night. This is a rivalry game of epic proportions I get it. This goes one of two ways though, Duke stomps them and people gloss over the fact they are a flawed team or UNC wins and people forget they’ve lost to South Carolina and NC State. Either way a lose lose because neither of these teams are top 10 worthy right now.
Friday- Blues Jets, a massive game in the NHL’s central division. If Saint Louis wins there matchup with the Avalanche, which they should, and take care of the Jets they would be in firm control of the division for a little bit.

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Saturday- Michigan State Purdue, your going to be watching a lot of college basketball this week. This is a key game in the struggle to win the top heavy BIG Ten. By top heavy I mean either Purdue or Michigan State is winning this league, sorry OSU.

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Sunday- Jazz Trail Blazers, a key matchup in the battle for the western conference playoffs. If the Jazz could grab a win against Portland it would be massive for them as they are currently a playoff bubble team. Also watch dunk star contestant Donovan Mitchell in action.

And one- Write your significant other, or yourself a nice little poem. I know that isn’t the angle for a sports blog usually but let me tell you poetry, wins, women. End of story, learn to write it and your set for life.


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