The main reasons I am taking David Johnson over Le’Veon Bell

David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell should be ranked #1 and #2 in almost every format. The question that will be haunting fantasy owners for the next month or so is “which one should I take first”. Both are extremely good players and below you can see a table comparing their 2016 seasons.Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.04.39 PM.png

Although Bell outdid Johnson in YPC and receptions per game, Johnson scored 11 more total touchdowns than Bell in a worse offensive unit. Below are the reasons why I will be taking David Johnson ahead of Le’Veon Bell in both PPR and standard scoring leagues.

  1. According to Fantasy Pros RB Strength of Schedule rankings, the Steelers have the second hardest schedule for running backs while the Cardinals have the seventh easiest for this upcoming season. This is huge. Obviously, it is easier to score off of lesser defenses and David Johnson will have that opportunity more often next season. Also, Le’Veon Bell’s playoff schedule is brutal for opposing running backs, in week 14 he faces the Ravens, followed by the Patriots and Texans in Week 15 and 16.
  2. Le’Veon Bell is no safe bet to play the entire year. In 2015, Bell played just six games due to a suspension and a torn ACL. In 2016, Bell missed the four games again due to a suspension. That type of risk is not worth your first pick, especially when there is a player like David Johnson available.
  3. Simply put it, David Johnson out performed Le’Veon Bell last season and I expect the same for next season.

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