The Most Outrageous Takes for the 2017-2018 NFL Season

Finally, the football season is upon us, and we can taste it. Here is some of the most outrageous takes for the upcoming season:


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Chicago Bears: Jordan Howard rushes for more yards than Ezekiel Elliot

Coming off a great year, I believe that Howard will rush for 1,500 yards and beat out Zeke for the most rushing yards this year. I also believe the Bears will go above expectations and win 7 games.

Dallas Cowboys: Win the NFC East

With one of the best quarterbacks and running back in the NFL, I predict the Cowboys to go 13-3 and win the division. They will beat out the Giants by three games.

Carolina Panthers: Miss the playoffs

I expect the Panthers to have another down year and go 8-8 with the third best record in the NFC South. I just don’t think the Panthers have what it takes to be a playoff team. Unless, Cam Newton returns to his 2015 self.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Win their division

The Bucs won nine games last year and they have some great offensive pieces. This will be the first time in ten years that they make the playoffs. I do believe that the Falcons will get the wildcard spot though.

Detroit Lions: Grab the second wildcard

With a great offensive line and and a great running back in Abdullah, I see the Lions upsetting some teams and grabbing that second wildcard spot. This might be hard for people to swallow, but just watch, it will happen.

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Oakland Raiders: Reaches the AFC Championship

Marshawn Lynch is back, but will he come back as the beast we’ve seen before? We kind of hope so. With the backfield of Lynch, even after the loss of Murray, the Raiders can still tear it up on the ground. People forget, Derek Carr is back too, and he is good. An MVP candidate. Just don’t sleep on the Rrrrrrraaaiderrrrrrs (Boomer voice).

Tennessee Titans: Win the AFC South

It is called the most OUTRAGEOUS takes. It it really outrageous though? They had a shot at the division last year until they got blown out, 38-17, in Jacksonville. With the addition of Eric Decker and the rise of Marcus Mariota, they could have a legit shot if you evaluate the rest of the division. They also got Eric Decker’s wife so, W for them.

Cleveland Browns: Will have the best record in Ohio

So the Browns just have the controversy of being bad, and the Bengals have the controversy. If you combine them and say the Browns will win at least 5 games, and then say the Bengals will have a worse record than they did last year (6-9-1), then the Browns would come on top. The Browns are stacked with rookie talent due to their great draft over the offseason. Plus, their offensive line will be way better lead by Zeitler & Tretter. Last but not least, they play the AFC South.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Le’Veon Bell wins NFL Regular Season MVP

Sure, he’s not a QB. And sure, it’s a long shot. But this is called the most OUTRAGEOUS takes, once again. If Bell plays all 16 games this is a possibility, and he will be the most favorited of all non quarterbacks. Just have to play all 16 games without getting hurt. Or, getting caught.

New England Patriots: Will be Super Bowl Champions once again

Now this isn’t outrageous. Obviously they’re the favorites, and it pains me to write this being a Dolphins fan. What is there to say though? Brady is one of the favorites to win MVP, and if he does have an MVP season he will accomplish this. Just too good. Too good. And it hurts.


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