The Obstructed College Football Power Rankings: Week 10

Before I begin, there is no top 5 this week as I am away on my computer and am in Detroit on my annual football weekend trip.  I went to see Michigan State play Northwestern as finally going to Spartan Stadium was on my bucket list (grew up a Spartans fan). So I was happy of that but not happy of course how the Spartans played (yes, they would have been on my top 5 losers along with Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Auburn, and LSU) but it is football and I loved my time at the game.

Anyway, my top 10 will have some changes and one SURPRISING change. Hate me if you will but I am going with what I’ve seen so far.

(1) GEORGIA (Last Week: 2-up 1): Surprised to see this here? Georgia has something that Alabama doesn’t: a strong defense.  Yes, beating Vanderbilt isn’t a big deal, but they are shutting down offenses. They have holes but they are not as alarming as what I’ve seen from Alabama on defense.

(2) ALABAMA (Last Week: 1-down 1): Don’t. Just don’t. Yes Alabama has a strong offense and Tua is a godsend. But nobody should be giving up 31 to Arkansas. Bama has a LOT of things to figure out on defense.

(3) NOTRE DAME (Last Week: 5-up 2): I said after last week I had Georgia over Ohio State because I think the Bulldogs would beat the Buckeyes on neutral ground. The same now applies to Notre Dame. They’re more complete than Ohio State right now and more consistent as well.

(4) OHIO STATE (Last Week: 3-down 1):  Good news is they won after their emotional win over Penn State unlike last year when they got obliterated by Iowa.  Bad news: they looked very beatable against Indiana…at home.  And they’ve looked very beatable lately even with teams they are far better.  But it is smooth sails until Michigan now.

(5) CLEMSON (Last Week: 7-up 2): Clemson pretty much told everyone who criticized them to shut up in a major way after exterminating Wake Forest.  This may be their “we are here to stay atop in the national rankings and bring it on.”

(6) WASHINGTON (Last Week: 8-up 2):  Not necessarily a “wow they are rolling’ but a “well nobody else looks better” type of jump.  Washington needs to play better still even if they run the table. I don’t see them jumping ahead of Notre Dame at the end of the season.

(7) UCF (Last Week: 10-up 3): Why not?  They’re winning. Big.

(8) WEST VIRGINIA (Last Week: 9-up 1): They struggled against Kansas at home.  That shouldn’t have happened. But a win is a win…

(9) MICHIGAN (Last Week: unranked): The Wolverines may have finally found their niche. Offense is clicking now and that should be worrisome for the likes of the other squads in the Big Ten. Keep an eye on Michigan

(10) OKLAHOMA (Last Week: 4-down 6): So much for praising the defense early on. Oklahoma is going to Oklahoma. Score a lot and give up a lot. Tough loss to Texas despite a nice comeback late but the defense is sketchy at best and that’s a concern moving forward.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Florida, LSU, Penn State, Wisconsin, Kentucky

-Fan in the Obstructed Seat




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