The Obstructed College Football Power Rankings-Week 13

Forgive me as last week I was on my second annual football trip as I went to Kentucky to see the Wildcats (it now makes 11 of 14 SEC football stadiums I’ve attended-Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas A&M are still on my hit list while I may need to return to the Mississippi schools since I haven’t seen the additions to those places, but I’m going off topic).

I’ll still do my up and down movement this week as according to the website’s weekly power rankings.

(1) ALABAMA (Last week: 1-no change):  Alabama had a second straight week of first half woes, but stormed back in the 2nd half both times.  I’m thinking Saban wanted the Tide to respond in the 2nd halves of games so they can play meaningful 2nd halves.  That’s what we’ve come to with Alabama right now.

(2) CLEMSON (Last week: 2-no change):  Clemson’s two SEC opponents really took the Tigers to task this season.  Yes, Clemson won both times, but they were exposed on defense.  I don’t know if they can take Alabama right now.

(3) NOTRE DAME (Last week: 3-no change):  Finished the season undefeated.  Irish’s best win is Syracuse.  Worst case scenario for Notre Dame right now is for Georgia to win and may get pushed to #4 and Alabama doesn’t fall behind them. And if Oklahoma thumps Texas.

(4) GEORGIA (Last week: 5-up 1):  Georgia faces the toughest task all season in Alabama.  Probably the one team who can bring down Alabama.

(5) OKLAHOMA (Last week: 8-up 3):  Undefeated when giving up over 600 yards of total offense.  Conclusion: find a way to slow down Oklahoma enough to avoid a major shootout.

(6) OHIO STATE (Last week: 9-up 3):  Strong win for the Buckeyes over Michigan.  But again, it comes back to their entire season.  Too many close games may have cost them a Playoff again this year.

(7) UCF (Last week: 7-no change):  Will be hard for UCF to sneak in now with Milton injured especially.  We need an 8-team playoff.  End of discussion.

(8) MICHIGAN (Last week: 4-down 4):  Michigan still lacks speed and depth to beat Ohio State.  It also felt like the Wolverines were expected to be handed the win down in Columbus.  You don’t expect to be handed a win by Ohio State.  Ever.

(9) FLORIDA (Last week: unranked):  It may have been “too little too late” for Florida as the Gators did finish strong, but the Georgia and Missouri games will be what most college football fans remember.

(10) WASHINGTON STATE (Last week: 6-down 4):  I think Washington State is a better team than what they showed against their dreaded foes in Washington.  But if you can’t play in the elements of nature, then you don’t belong nonetheless.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Penn State, Texas, Washington, Kentucky, West Virginia

-Fan in the Obstructed Seat




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