The Obstructed FINAL Obstructed NCAA Top 10 Power Rankings

You would think.

You would think that how every scenario that was laid out before this week with the conference championship games that we would be in agreement, especially if Alabama had beaten Georgia.

If Alabama won, Georgia is out.  If Oklahoma won, they would be in.  If Oklahoma lost and Ohio State won, the Buckeyes were in.  If Georgia won, Alabama probably still gets in even with that loss and wouldn’t matter if Oklahoma or Ohio State won.


Because Georgia for the second straight year took it to Alabama for three quarters, it got people talking about “well, Georgia is one of the best four by a wide margin.”  But Georgia blew it like they did 11 months ago in nearly the same manner.

Oklahoma won.  Ohio State won by a decisive margin (though to me not an overwhelming margin).

So the debate is now Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio State.  Who gets #4?

We will find out later.

TOP 10

(1) ALABAMA: (Last week: 1-no change): I mentioned this to my friend earlier this week that Alabama’s scuffles with The Citadel and Auburn in the first halves of those games may have been a blessing for the Tide as they made adjustments and came out in the second half on fire.  Of course, Alabama started it in the 4th quarter yesterday thanks in part to Georgia once again stepping off the gas and pressing the brakes gently and the stupid fake punt.  But they are in the Playoff.  That is what we know for sure.

(2) CLEMSON: (Last week: 2-no change):  They won.  They blew out a weak Pittsburgh team.  And they are back in the Playoff.  Moving on.

(3) NOTRE DAME: (Last week: 3-no change):  People threw shade at Notre Dame because they didn’t play the 13th game like the other contenders.  Yes, I get it.  I mentioned it last night that Oklahoma could propel ahead of Notre Dame in the final selection.  However, while I do believe the Irish should at least play a 13th game, they shouldn’t apologize for winning on their schedule (which does look pretty weak right now save for Syracuse and Michigan).

(4) OKLAHOMA: (Last week: 5-up 1):  A few things here.  First off, Oklahoma negated their loss to Texas yesterday.  Secondly and I was thinking about it all morning.  IF Georgia and Oklahoma played again in that rematch of the Rose Bowl classic last year, who would win?  Now, I think Oklahoma’s offense is better than last year’s squad and Georgia’s defense is slightly less than last year’s squad.  I’m not saying the Sooners would win, but I’m also not saying the Bulldogs would win either.

(5) GEORGIA: (Last week: 4-down 1):  We shouldn’t punish Georgia for the extra game, but at the same time, we shouldn’t reward Georgia for “playing Alabama super tough and coming close to winning.” I don’t see how the Committee could just keep them right at 4.

(6) OHIO STATE: (Last week: 6-no change):  I DO think Georgia would beat Ohio State on a neutral field however.  The Buckeyes didn’t do enough for me to think they would beat any of the five ahead of them right now.

(7) UCF: (Last week: 7-no change): Stinks for the Knights again they are undefeated and have nothing to show forth.  But had they not got off to that slow start to Memphis again, maybe you could have dropped their name in for a debate.  I’d say to shut everybody up, put UCF at #4 for the fun of it.

(8) MICHIGAN: (Last week: 8-no change):  Probably Peach Bowl bound.

(9) FLORIDA: (Last week: 9-no change):  See Michigan. Would be the third time in four years Michigan and Florida would play each other.

(10) WASHINGTON: (Last week: 10-unranked): They won their conference championship game in a stadium that was nearly empty and the game was a dud.  Yay!

HONORABLE MENTIONS:  Washington State, Penn State, Kentucky, West Virginia, Texas

-Fan in the Obstructed Seat







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