The Obstructed NCAA Top 10 Power Rankings-Week 5

What a week of college football.  I say that every week but it seems like I say it more lately.  We saw a few teams have their stock rise while other teams sunk.  Some teams won and still sunk while others continue to rise.  So let’s look at this week’s rankings according to me (like I’m an expert)

(1) ALABAMA (Last Week: 1-No Change):  Pretty much it goes like this for the Tide: Eat Sleep Destroy Repeat.  Nobody figured Alabama would have any problems beating Louisiana Lafayette.  And that was proven.  Game was over with 8 minutes left in the first quarter.  Next week is a conference match at Arkansas, so may be more of eat sleep destroy repeat.

(2) GEORGIA (Last Week: 2-No Change): Georgia is taking a page of Alabama and thinking a 38-12 win isn’t good enough.  In the past squeaking by teams well below Georgia’s talent was cause of celebration at times.  Kirby Smart has them rolling.

(3) OHIO STATE (Last Week: 3-No Change): “But, but they beat Penn State at Happy Valley!  That should net them ahead of Georgia!”  While right now Ohio State’s “body of work” is better than Georgia’s, I genuinely believe that on a neutral field Georgia still beats Ohio State.  That said, it was still a great win over Penn State.  Maybe this time they can take that momentum and not lose by 31 the week after.

(4) OKLAHOMA (Last Week: 5-Up 1): The Sooners look to play more of the shoot-out games that we are accustomed to and they did give up points.  However, Kyler Murray is rolling right now.  The annual Red River Shootout with Texas is up this week.  This will be huge for Oklahoma’s resume as the Longhorns are getting it going.

(5) NOTRE DAME (Last Week: 7-Up 2):  The Irish dominated Stanford in every aspect.  This may be Brian Kelly’s best team yet.  I flip-flopped between the Irish and the Sooners here.  That’s how close Oklahoma and Notre Dame are to me.  Notre Dame gets a tough road game at Virginia Tech so we see what kind of team the Irish are on  the road in a hostile environment.

(6) LSU (Last Week: 8-Up 2): The Tigers smacked Ole Miss, but are still having that rut of keeping teams in games in the 2nd half.  Georgia is coming up soon and if they try that against the Bulldogs, it will be a big problem.  However, they are looking more and more balanced on the offensive side.  That is scary.

(7) CLEMSON (Last Week: 4-Down 3):  The biggest drop-off from a team that hadn’t lost.  My thing is, right now teams 1-6 would beat Clemson on a neutral field.  There are still questions abound on both sides of the ball and while squeaking by Syracuse this year isn’t a black eye (Syracuse is pretty good), nothing says dominance on any part of their game.

(8) WASHINGTON (Last Week: 9-Up 1):  The Huskies answered the bell on offense dismantling BYU in a big way.  They still have to be the favorites in the PAC-12 and still the best chance for that conference to get a Playoff.

(9) WEST VIRGINIA (Last Week: Unranked): The Mountaineers won a shoot-out with a Texas Tech team that is getting better and they did it in Lubbock.  There’s a great chance they can go undefeated when the Mountaineers host Oklahoma in the final week of the season.  That offense is one of the toughest in the nation and the defense isn’t too bad (giving up 34 points to Texas Tech isn’t too bad given how the Red Raiders score points).

(10) UCF (Last Week Unranked):  Time to give this team some credit and love.  They are still winning and scoring points without Scott Frost there.  Of course we don’t know what the Knights would do against these power 5 schools, but at some point we have to give them their due.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Kentucky, Michigan, Auburn, Wisconsin, Penn State

-Fan in the Obstructed Seat




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