The Official PSF Fantasy WR Rankings

Continuing our fantasy rankings, we look at wideouts again ppr with explanations by those receivers that seem out of place compared to other fantasy rankings. I’m outside the box but I will always have an argument to back myself up with.

1. Antonio Brown
2. Deandre Hopkins
3. Julio Jones
4. Odell Beckham Jr.: Odell falls to four mainly because the Giants other than Sterling Shepard don’t really have anyone to draw the double teams away from Beckham. That added with Eli Manning’s age and the fact the Giants may try to be a run first offense with Saquon Barkley puts Odell at four.
5. Michael Thomas
6. AJ Green: A bit of explanation is required here in my mind. AJ Green is ahead of Keenan Allen because of two reasons. One the Bengals improved there O line this year and when Andy Dalton is protected he plays like a top 15 NFL QB and puts up yardage with Green, see the 2015 season. Two San Diego has mouths to feed with Benjamin, Hunter Henry, and Mike Williams.
7. Keenan Allen
8. Devante Adams
9. Adam Thielen
10. TY Hilton
11. Mike Evans: Jameis Winston is going to have a bounce back year. Evans played well last year even though the Buccaneers didn’t win many games they were statistically one of the top ten offenses in the leauge.
12. Tyreek Hill: Listen this may seem a little high but Patrick Mahomes showed in week 17 his best weapon is the deep post route and that is Hill’s best route. Yes Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelce are other mouths to feed but Hill is going to be Mahomes number one target in my opinion.
13. Doug Baldwin
14. Stefon Diggs
15. T.Y Hilton
16. Brandin Cooks
17. Alshon Jeffery
18. Amari Cooper
19. Josh Gordon
20. Larry Fitzgerald
21. Ju Ju Smith Schuster: Ju Ju makes the jump over several talented number one wide outs simply because he is going to get much more targets this year especially with Martavis Bryant gone. He is high risk but also very high reward.
22. Golden Tate
23. Martavis Bryant: Why is Bryant this high? Who else is Derek Carr going to throw too besides Amari Cooper? Bryant is going to be a huge weapon for Carr who could potentially have a major bounce back year and get himself into the top ten of Qb’s again. If you want to bet on Carr bet on Bryant.
24. Allen Robinson: Who knows how good Mitchell Trubisky will be. It’s a risk to take him before the Sixth round in my opinion.
25. Demaryius Thomas
26. Michael Crabtree
27. Pierre Garcon
28. Devin Funchess
29. Julian Edelman
30. Corey Davis
31. Jarvis Landry: This is more of a personal belief, Landry is one of the more over rated receivers in the leauge in my opinion. He succeeded in Miami because there were no other targets there. Cleveland has got Josh Gordon, David Njoku, Corey Coleman, and two great running backs in Carlos Hyde and Nick Chubb. Landry is not going to do as well as most fantasy experts think this year. Also unless it’s Josh Gordon drafting anyone from Cleveland makes me nervous Hue Jackson hasn’t shown any signs that he can maximize talent yet and I’m not buying it until I see it.
32. Robert Woods
33. Will Fuller
34. Emanuel Sanders
35. Cooper Kupp
36. Chris Hogan
37. Jordy Nelson: Nelson is aging and lost a lot of speed last year. Without Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball he will struggle to produce.
38. Marquise Goodwin
39. Nelson Agholor
40. Brice Butler
41. Marvin Jones
42. Calvin Ridley: I am beating myself up about putting Ridley this low. I just can’t put a rookie who for some reason fell all the way to the dolphins in the top 30 but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t draft him. Ridley is going to have an awesome rookie campaign.
43. Robby Anderson: He might not even make the team with the legal run in’s he has had this offseason. Buyer beware.
44. Sammy Watkins
45. Sterling Shepard
46. Marquise Lee
47. Jamison Crowder
48. Paul Richardson
49. Devante Parker
50. Tyler Lockett
51. Donte Moncrief
52. Mike Williams
53. De Sean Jackson
54. DJ Moore
55. Taylor Gabriel
56. Mohamed Sanu
57. Corey Coleman
58. Christian Kirk
59. Courtland Sutton
60. Dez Bryant: For lack of a wide out to chose I will go with Dez. Honestly the fact ESPN has him going in the first 10 rounds is ludicrous. Even if Dez signs with a team I would put him here. He wasn’t good last year and didn’t really produce fantasy numbers. He is a waiver wire pick up if he does well the first few weeks of the season in my mind. And that is only IF he makes a team.


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