The Olympics Recap

With the last few events of the Olympics wrapping up, it is time to recap some of the major moments of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PeyongChang, South Korea.

The Dominance of American Snowboarding:

The US took home 7 of their 23 medals in snowboarding events. In slope style, 17 year old Red Gerard won Gold, as did 27 year old Jaime Anderson for the women. Anderson also took home silver in the Women’s Big Air event, and was the only American to medal, men and women. The event that caught the world’s eye though, was the half pipe. 17 year old phenom Chloe Kim won the gold, with an outstanding 98.25 on her final run. USA snowboarding legend Shaun White also won gold in the half pipe, putting up a 97.75 on his final run of the day to win gold. The US has consistently been one of the best countries in snowboarding the last decade.

Unified Korean Hockey:

It was surprising when the IOC announced that North Korea would be participating in the Olympic Games. The North and South Koreans marched under a unified flag, and competed together in Women’s Ice Hockey. While the Korean team was out scored 24-1, this union of the two nations could important in solving the issues between North and South Korea.

Prowess and Pride:

These Olympic Games featured the first two openly gay American athletes: Skier Gus Kenworthy and Figure Skater Adam Rippon. While Kenworthy failed to medal, Rippon won bronze. These two athletes prove to us that thinking someone is not a good athlete because of their sexual orientation is a thing of the past. Hopefully it will not be news when there are other LGBTQ athletes, so instead of a headline saying “Gay Figure Skater Adam Rippon Wins Bronze”, the headline will read “Figure Skater Adam Rippon Wins Bronze”.


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