The Orioles poor job of evaluating pitching

The Baltimore Orioles right now are a mediocre franchise, they had that one really great year in 2014 when it was clear the team as a whole overachieved and since have done nothing, stuck in that high 70’s low 80’s win total.

Their unwillingness to recognize what was and now is a depleted roster that doesn’t have the necessary pieces to be a perennial contender has really hurt them, we all know that and I think it’s safe to say it’s not all Duquette’s fault, the owner, most likely has something to do with it.

Analyzing their roster right now, the pitching staff is in really bad shape, multiple factors play a role in it, bad drafting, poor scouting of the international amateur pool, bad budget management, whatever.

What i really want to address here is the poor job, Baltimore has done of evaluating young pitchers in their farm, leading them to make really bad trades, not all of it, is their fault as i said, but, they have more than enough blame on this.

April 17, 2017.

Traded Parker Bridwell to the Angels for a player to be named later or cash.
No player has yet come to Baltimore and while by no means is Parker Bridwell a sure thing, he pitched to a 3.64 ERA on 122 Innings for the Angels in 2017 and while there were some red flags, he’d easily be third in Baltimore’s SP Depth Chart, and they gave him away for free.

July 31, 2016.

Traded Ariel Miranda to the Mariners for Wade Miley.
While i’m not nearly as high on Miranda as some people are, you can’t overstate how bad Miley was in his tenure for Baltimore, he is now a free agent, and whatever you think of Miranda he’d start on this Orioles staff, with ease, and there is some room to grow.

July 31, 2015

Traded Zach Davies to the Brewers for Gerardo Parra.
Now this one was really bad, forget the fact, that the rental Parra managed to be worth -1.1 Wins Above Replacement in 55 games, what a feat that was.
Zach Davies actually looks to be very good, don’t get me wrong, he is no ace, but back to back 3 win-ish seasons according to FG’s WAR, 2.7 and 2.8, that’s as good a production as the Oriole fan has seen these last few years.

July 31, 2014.

Traded Eduardo Rodriguez to the Red Sox for Andrew Miller.
Andrew Miller is great he was terrific down the stretch and into the playoffs with Baltimore, but at the end of the day he pitched 27.1 innings, the team got swept in the ALCS, despite his 4.0 scoreless innings and he signed with the Yankees.
While E-Rod has injury concerns he’d be a great addition to this team, but this particular move is understandable, you just wish they had traded literally any other prospect as they really seem to develop no one since Machado and Schoop.

July 31, 2013.

Traded Josh Hader, LJ Hoes and a compensatory pick (used to draft Derek Fisher) for Bud Norris.
Obviously, it’s very doubtful they would’ve picked Fisher at that spot, just thought it should be mentioned, but the important guy here is Hader, who looks terrific, Miller alike out of the bullpen and has the starter potential.
Norris struggled down the stretch and bounced back, nice season the following year (14) eventually was released midway through the 15 season.

And now the big one, truth be told, it wasn’t even on my mind when deciding to write this article,I was more focused on these young guys, but midway through i thought, well it fits the bill, why not include it.

July 2, 2013

Traded Jake Arrieta, Pedro Strop and cash to the Cubs for Steve Clevenger and Scott Feldman.
Forget the fact, Baltimore gave up on Strop after struggling through 22.1 Innings in 2015, coming off a great 2014, they again got a really bad return and shipped away Jake Arrieta, while he was really bad in Baltimore, looking at all these examples it’s fair to say pitching is not their strength, whether it’s developing, evaluating, acquiring, yeah I’m talking about that 4 year contract given to Ubaldo Jimenez.
Assessing development for a second, injury aside, Kevin Gausman and Dylan Bundy were prized prospects, with tremendous stuff, that just can’t seem to get over the hump, when we all know there’s potential there.
Whatever this is, the Orioles must fix it.

As always feel free to comment, suggest and anything else you can think of, any questions you may have, i’m here to answer them.


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