The Pro Bowl: Picks I Loved, Hated, and Players Who Were Snubbed.

With the Pro Bowl rosters just released, Eric Jensen (@Eric18utah) breaks down, the picks he loved, hated, and players he thought got snubbed. Enjoy


Didn’t love: AJ Green- Green has had a good statistical year but hasn’t really helped the Bengals win. Look at the Bengals games against the Bills and Colts this year. All of Andy Daltons turnovers in those games were caused by mismanaged routes on Greens part.
Loved: Deandre Hopkins- When Deshaun Watson went down Deandre Hopkins stats didn’t really dip at all. Hopkins has consistently put up around 100 yards a game even with Tom Savage and TJ Yates at QB. It’s been an impressive year from the wideout, surviving without a real QB throwing him the ball for the second half of the year.
Snubbed: Tyreek Hill- I simply can’t see how you leave a Wide Out with 7 touchdowns and 1074 yards out of the pro bowl. Hill has consistently burned defenses all year long. Yes, the Chiefs had a slump but it was not Hills fault. Look at his production this year, consistent and high volume, a better receiver than Green.

DeAndre Hopkins
Didn’t love: Kareem Hunt- Listen I get that this is based off his first five games. However Hunt then disappeared for about a quarter of the season before rebounding in recent weeks. The consistency just isn’t there to call him a pro bowler in my opinion. The stats back up the pick though.
Love: Lesean McCoy- Shady has always been a favorite of mine. I like him better than Leveon Bell, personal opinion, it’s good to see Shady get some love.
Snubbed: Melvin Gordon- Better stats than Kareem Hunt? No. More consistent? Yes. That’s really what it comes down to for me. Gordon has had another great year, not only as a runner but also catching passes out of the backfield. Again, this is purely based on consistency, I can see the case for Hunt who had an excellent start to the season.

Kareem Hunt PNG
Love: Calais Campbell- My pick for DPOY. Forget Aaron Donald, Campbell has 52 tackles and 14.5 sacks this year. Week in and week out Campbell beats down on offensive lines. Campbell is absolutely the best defensive player in the league this year, he gets swept under the rug because he plays in Jacksonville.
Didn’t love: Kahlil Mack- Yes, Mack has 68 tackles and 10.5 sacks. However, he plays on one of the worst defenses in the league. He is the only stud on his team and should honestly have better numbers to qualify for the pro bowl.
Snubbed: Melvin Ingram- Continuing the case against Mack. Ingram had nearly identical numbers to Mack (51 tackles and 10 sacks) Ingram put up those numbers alongside super star team mate Joey Bosa. Mack got the same amount of sacks as the B version of Joey Bosa, I just don’t get how Mack landed on the pro bowl roster and Ingram didn’t.

Hate: Chris Boswell
Should have been: Harrison Butker, Adam Vinateri, Ryan Succop, Justin Tucker- Chris Boswell is such a plain kicker, why not put in the young kid in Butker. Or the vet who is still one of the best kickers in the league, Adam Vinateri.


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