The PSF Committee’s College Football Playoff Rankings after Week 11

Every college football fan knows what the CFP Selection Committee is. They select the four best teams for a college football playoff based off of the eye test, strength of schedule, records, wins over common opponents, and conference championships. The first edition of the rankings came out a few weeks ago on Tuesday, October 31st, and that marks the date when it becomes time for fans to map out their team’s road to the playoff. CFB Experts across the world will be doing the same over the next few months until the final four teams are revealed in early December. But recently, Pro Sports Fandom’s CFB experts formed their own Committee, “The PSF CFB Playoff Committee”, where we will create our own averaged CFB playoff rankings from a panel of 7-10 experts. Your favorite college football experts at PSF are teaming up each week to bring you our very own rankings. After another huge week of football, here is the third edition of the PSF Committee CFB Playoff rankings!

But first, check out all of the writers who contributed to our rankings on Twitter.

Contributing Writers:

  • Tristan Beckmann: @TristanBeckmann
  • Eric Jensen: @eric18utah
  • Chris Chastain: @ChrisPSF
  • Heath Kyser: @HeathKyser
  • Jon Butler: @JButlerPSF
  • Dustin Beard: @DBeard13
  • Jack Geary III: @JackGeary32
  • Brian Willis: @RealBrianWillis

Now let’s check out our second edition of these rankings!

College Football Playoff Rankings presented by the PSF Committee:

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (10-0)

SOS: 23

Best Wins: #21 LSU , @ Vanderbilt, @ Texas A&M, @ #17 Mississippi State.

Big Games Left: @ #6 Auburn. Maybe: SEC Championship Game.

(Unanimous #1)

#2 Oklahoma Sooners (9-1)

SOS: 1

Best Wins: @ #10 Oklahoma State, @ #8 Ohio State, @ Texas, #11 TCU.

Big Games Left: #24 West Virginia. Maybe: Big 12 Championship Game.

Highest: 2nd (Beckmann, Kyser, Chastain, Willis)

Lowest: 4th (Butler, Beard, Jensen)

#3 Miami (FL) Hurricanes (9-0)

SOS: 21

Best Wins: Virginia Tech, @ Florida State, @ Duke, #9 Notre Dame.

Big Games Left: ACC Championship VS. #4 Clemson.

Highest: 2nd (Butler, Jensen, Geary III)

Lowest: 4th (Beckmann, Willis)

#4 Clemson Tigers (9-1)

SOS: 4

Best Wins: @ Virginia Tech, @ Louisville, VS. #6 Auburn, @ #25 NC State.

Big Games Left: @ South Carolina. ACC Championship VS. #2 Miami (FL).

Highest: 2nd (Beard)

Lowest: 5th (Willis)


#5 Wisconsin Badgers (10-0)

SOS: 50

Best Wins: Northwestern, Purdue, Iowa

Big Games Left: #19 Michigan. Maybe: Big Ten Championship.

Highest: 5th (Chastain, Kyser, Beard, Beckmann, Geary III)

Lowest: 6th (Jensen, Butler, Willis)

#6 Georgia Bulldogs (9-1)

SOS: 12

Best Wins: #17 Mississippi State, @ #9 Notre Dame.

Big Games Left: @ Georgia Tech. Maybe: SEC Championship Game.

Highest: 3rd (Willis)

Lowest: 7th (Beckmann, Jensen, Butler, Kyser)

#7 Auburn Tigers (8-2)

SOS: 5

Best Wins: #7 Georgia, #17 Mississippi State,

Big Games Left: #1 Alabama, Maybe: SEC Championship Game.

Highest: 5th (Butler, Jensen)

Lowest: 8th (Beard)


#8 Ohio State Buckeyes (8-2)

SOS: 6

Best Wins: #13 Penn State, #22 Michigan State,

Big Games Left: @ #19 Michigan, Maybe: Big Ten Championship Game.

Highest: 8th (Beckmann, Chastain, Willis, Geary III, Kyser, Jensen)

Lowest: 10th (Butler, Beard)

#9 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-2)

SOS: 10

Best Wins: #25 NC State, #12 USC, @ #22 Michigan State.

Big Games Left: @ #20 Stanford.

Highest: 8th (Butler)

Lowest: NR (Jensen, Beard)

#10 Oklahoma State Cowboys (8-2)

SOS: 9

Best Wins: Iowa State, #24 West Virginia, @ Texas.

Big Games Left: Kansas State.

Highest: 9th (Chastain, Kyser)

Lowest: NR (Beard, Butler)

We are going to leave you on this note, our committee sees a big gap between #5 Wisconsin and the top four teams as well as a gap between #7 Auburn and #8 Ohio State. This will change over the next few weeks as we get an outlook of Conference Championship Games. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed! Hit us up on Twitter with your thoughts on our rankings and give us your rankings! Peace!


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