The San Diego Padres are Interested in Noah Syndergaard

It is very rare for teams in the gutter to be interested in making a trade for a high caliber player at the trade deadline. The San Diego Padres are in once again last place in the National League West with a 42-62. They are supposedly interested in New York Mets right-handed pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

The San Diego Padres want a quality number one starter and Syndergaard is one when he is healthy. Noah Syndergaard is currently on the disabled list with hand, foot, and mouth disease. This is his second stint on the disabled list this season.

Syndergaard is only 25 years old and he is under contract for three more seasons. The New York Mets have the worst record in the National League at 41-57.

If there is going to be a deal between those two teams, the Mets should ask for a high price because the San Diego Padres have 10 prospects in the top 100 prospects list on

Would the San Diego Padres be willing to trade top prospect Fernando Tatis Jr., who plays shortstop? I don’t think they would. I don’t think they would be willing to trade catcher Francisco Mejia either.

I think a realistic trade would be Syndergaard for left-handed pitcher Mackenzie Gore, second baseman/shortstop Luis Urias, right-handed pitcher Cal Quantrill, and left-handed pitcher Logan Allen.

Gore is the second ranked prospect in the Padres system and he is the 13th best prospect in baseball. Mackenzie Gore is projected to be in the majors in 2020. Urias is the fourth ranked prospect in the Padres system and he is the 29th best prospect in baseball. Luis Urias is projected to be in the majors sometime this season, but it will more likely be in 2019. Quantrill is the fifth ranked prospect in the Padres system and he is the 32nd best prospect in baseball. He is projected to reach the majors in 2019. Logan Allen is the 10th ranked prospect in the Padres system and he is the 97th best prospect in baseball.

If the New York Mets can’t make a deal like that if they decide to trade Noah Syndergaard, there will once again be angry fans.


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