The Show roster update predictions (6/23)

Below is our weekly roster update predictions, check back to see changes made based on performances made during the week.

Dallas Keuchel 88 to 90 +2

Keuchel was my favorite to get upgraded 2 weeks back, but unfortunately, he was not. Then after a brief DL stint, he improved his record to 8-0 and lowered his era to 1.81 which in case you didn’t know, that is pretty good.

Zach Cozart 80 to 83 +3

Cozart is hitting .350 with a 1.006 OPS, which both are in the top 8 in the league so I would expect his 66 contact v/r and 62 contact v/l to both see a boost.

Charlie Blackmon 86 to 88 +2

Charlie Blackmon started the year as a silver, which in my mind was a mistake. He was bumped up to an 86 overall a couple weeks ago, but he keeps hitting extremely well. He has a .984 OPS (12th in the league) and a .618 slugging percentage (7th in the league) not to mention his

Willson Contreras 78 to 80 +2

Willson has been alright at the plate this season with a .707 OPS, but this upgrade is not about offense. His arm strength is sitting at 72 despite having the second hardest average throw among all catchers so be on the lookout for him to see a lofty upgrade there.

Starlin Castro 83 to 85 +2

Starlin Castro currently ranks third in the MLB in total hits, behind Blackmon and Dickerson. Castro is hitting .325 with a .847 OPS and 7 HRs on the year. I expect him to an upgrade to gold this week.

Ervin Santana 82 to 84 +2

Not quite gold, but I would not be shocked if he did go gold. He currently leads the league with a 1.80 era as well as being 2nd in the league with a 0.83 WHIP.

Mike Leake 81 to 83 +2

Mike Leake is third in era at 1.91 and has a 5-2 record on the year. He has a .93 whip which is both gold tier quality, but his 42 strikeouts can be limiting to him.

Andrew Triggs 74 to 78 +4

Andrew Triggs has surpassed the expectations of many this year. He has a 2.64 era in 58 innings pitched. He is 5-4 this year but the A’s offense isn’t too much help. He has a 1.14 whip and 45 strikeouts

Jedd Gyorko 79 to 81 +2

Gyorko currently is hitting .322 on the season despite only having 65 contact v/r and 59 v/l  He is hitting .297 off of lefties and .330 off of righties. He has 8 home runs and 21 rbi’s on the year so far. Plus, his slugging percentage is a lofty .570

Albert Almora Jr. 64 to 73 +7

Honestly, I don’t know why Almora was a 62 overall in the first place. His defensive rating in MLB the show is only at 72 and his arm strength is at 66, and let me tell you, both of those deserve major upgrades.

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