The Top Ten QBs in the League


On the last episode of The Endzone Podcast my friend and co-host Christian Chastain and I got into a little disagreement about whether or not Dak Prescott is a top ten Quarterback. You can listen to that here, , we decided to put it in written word to settle once and for all who the current top ten QBs are. We are basing this ranking purely on statistics and playing style from last year. It has nothing to do with rings so spoiler alert on at least one of these lists Tom Brady will not be number one. Without further ado, here is our list of the top ten Quarterbacks in the league.
1. Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers made all kinds of crazy throws last year without the offensive weapons around him that a Tom Brady has. His mobility outside the pocket and behind the line of scrimmage is just another reason I would take him over Brady if I was drafting a school yard pick up team. With the addition of Martellus Bennett, this offense can be unstoppable.
2. Tom Brady: If he wasn’t one he was going to be two. Frankly, by the end of this year, we may be talking about him as number one of all time no doubt. Brady has the most weapons around him that he has ever had. This team has a chance to surpass the 2007 Pats.

3. Derek Carr: Carr is living proof that the QB is everything in the NFL. When he went down with his tragic injury in December last year the Raiders hopes were dashed in a heartbeat. If Carr comes back at even half he was last year before the injury he could have a real shot at the number two spot on this list. Carr has the tools around him and the running game and if he keeps the pace he did last year he could win the MVP, maybe even more.
4. Ben Roethlisberger: Big Ben may be at the end of the road but he hasn’t lost a step. With an offense as loaded as the Steelers have Big Ben could win an MVP.
5. Matt Ryan: Ryan is severely underrated. Last year he really broke out of his shell. I only put him at five because I don’t really know if he can keep up the pace he set for himself last year. After throwing 38 touchdowns and only giving up the ball 7 times via interception, a slight regression is bound to happen.
6. Dak Prescott: Prescott tore up the league last year and he will do the same this year. What pieces did he lose? The answer is none. Even if Zeke Elliot gets suspended Prescott will succeed. He is too talented not to. He has the scrambling ability of Russell Wilson the Accuracy of Aaron Rodgers and the Arm Strength of Carson Palmer. I expect he will be much higher on this list next year.
7. Carson Palmer: Palmer was a beast down the stretch last year. After a year of offseason rest, Palmer has what it takes to get the Cardinals back to the playoffs. Not to mention word out of Arizona’s camp is that John Brown is back to his old ways.
8. Russell Wilson: Probably the greatest drop on this list. However, when Wilson lost his scrambling ability last year he also lost his field vision and ability to take deep shots. A healed ankle will fix all that but until he regains his prior form Wilson rests squarely at eight on this list.
9. Jameis Winston: With the tools, Winston has around him there is no way he even begins to struggle this season. There is only one way to go for the young Tampa QB and that is up.
10. Kirk Cousins: Cousins has the biggest arm in his division. He sometimes lacks the field vision and decision making but that comes with practice in 3 years of being an NFL starter he finally makes this list. I believe now there is nowhere to go for Cousins but up.
Honorable Mentions

Marcus Mariota: Mariota doesn’t quite make this list he has a ton of young talent around him but has had issues staying healthy. He also has issues being consistent he has to many up and down weeks to be a top ten NFL QB. The Titans have built the offense around him though and I am positive he will excel this year.
Philip Rivers: The Chargers luck needs to change. By that I mean Rivers needs to stop losing his receivers to the cruel fate of the unlawful football demagogue.

In Conclusion: In a league that is a passing league, it has never been more of a passing league. Every QB on this list has a chance to win the MVP. While the Patriots do hold the golden king who sits on the untouchable thrown on their team, the rest of the league is climbing closer to matching it.
Chris Chastain’s list. You can find Chris on Twitter @Chrchas1 and you can find myself on twitter @Eric18utah. Without further ado here is the list of Chris.
1. Tom Brady- The Super Bowl MVP is the most consistent QB in the NFL with the lowest Interception total in the NFL. Yes, He missed 4 games and probably wouldn’t have led the NFL if he had played those games but it’s still remarkable having 2 Interceptions in the regular season. His 26 Touchdowns in 12 games is remarkable as well. He could hit 45 touchdowns this season. Look for him to remain the best QB in the NFL this season as well.
2. Aaron Rodgers- This was a hard choice between Rodgers and Brees but Rodgers has a more mobility than Brees. The fact that Rodgers will not take blame for mistakes bothers me but it didn’t affect my rankings
3. Drew Brees- 1 year younger than Tom Brady, Producing similar numbers as Brady. The difference between Brees and Brady is that Brees does have more “Questionable” throws than Brady. I would say the main reason Brees isn’t number one on this list is the fact that his team doesn’t win like Brady’s does.
4. Matt Ryan- Coming off his best season ever, Matt Ryan has been very inconsistent over the last 5 seasons. He’s had 3 good seasons to 2 mediocre seasons. That takes it’s toll when you rank QB’s. After this season he COULD prove himself to be the number 1 QB but right now he’s on the low end of elite
5. Ben Roethlisberger- Ben has been on the decline over the last couple of years but he’s still really good. But let’s be honest. He’s really good because he’s so hard to sack. his size is a big reason why we rank him so high.
6. Derek Carr- One of the rising stars in the NFL. Carr is returning one of the best offenses in the NFL in the Oakland Raiders. If he can stay on the field expect him to go into the very low tier of elite status.

dereck carr
7. Russell Wilson- Wilson is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL. Last season with a terrible offensive line he Threw 21 Touchdowns to 11 Interceptions. One of the most sacked quarterbacks (41 Sacks). Normally we would say he looks like a rookie but with the offensive line, i’m giving an exception.
8. Andrew Luck- Speaking of quarterbacks with bad offensive lines. Lucks offensive line didn’t serve him much better than Seattle’s did for Wilson. His sack count was 41 as well. He threw 31 Touchdowns to 13 Interceptions. I am ranking Wilson ahead of luck because of durability and only because of durability
9. Philip Rivers- Rivers on Paper was a top tier QB last season. But it can be easily forgotten that he did throw 21 interceptions. Rivers, if he’s more considerate when he’s throwing, could be a top 5 QB.
10. Jameis Winston- Winston is the best quarterback that has been drafted since 2014. Winston surrounded by good talent and not to mention he now has Desean Jackson to throw to. I expect him to have a 30-10 (TD-INT) type year.


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