The Ultimate and Final PSF Free Agency Primer. By Eric Jensen.

After a long hard season of writing NFL football a break has finally come. The lack of NFL articles over the next two to three weeks will break my heart for sure but it is a needed break. Over the past three weeks we have put up division free agency primers and finally all have be completed. So here is the full 32 team free agency primer. On page one the AFC. On page two the NFC, enjoy. Oh and if you like hearing what you read here is a link to The Endzone Podcast free agency primer where we spent about a minute going over every teams major needs this offseason. Hope you Enjoy.


AFC East
Patriots: After Josh Mcdaniels slid back to New England the Patriots were left with no major holes on offense. What they must do is fix the defense. Malcolm Butler is gone, Belichick showed us that when he didn’t play him in the Super Bowl. The Patriots need a defensive star, they are renowned for being smart with money in free agency but with Brady turning 40, sorry Tom V Time but at some point everyone falls off, you have to maximize your Super Bowl window now. That sounds strange when talking about the Patriots but this team needs defensive help. Ziggy Ansah and Dontari Poe would both be excellent mid-range price options for the Patriots on defense.

josh mcdaniels.jpg

Dolphins: Miami needs to figure out what they are doing at QB. It certainly looks like all signs point towards Jay Cutler retirement. Ryan Tannehill improved under Adam Gase but maybe you look outside and go after someone like Kirk Cousins. If you go after Cousins you figure to have a better chance at retaining Jarvis Landry who feels he needs to be paid big this offseason. One option, tag Landry and go after Cousins or a QB in the draft. If you stick with Tanehill you need to add pieces on offense specifically wide out. Eric Decker or Taylor Gabriel would be good players to snag, Decker worked under Gases offense in Denver and under the right system Gabriel can shine.

Jets: Another team in need of a QB. This team had a fantastic year considering the pieces they had this season. Unfortunately, it turns out Robby Anderson is a felon so that isn’t going to work out for the Jets and they will have to find more depth at wide out in the draft or free agency. Another thing this team could use would be a pass rusher.

Bills: The Tyrod Taylor experiment needs to end this offseason. Either stick with the guy or trade him, get him out of the building and go hard after Cousins or draft a QB. Case Keenum would be a perfect bridge QB here. Grab some wide outs as well, the defense was impeccably coached but they need a leader.

tyrod taylor
AFC North
Pittsburgh: Goal number one, keep Lev Bell. If that doesn’t happen, draft a running back or go to James Conner who showed some really good stuff on tape this year. Find a new linebacker, Shazier may never play football again and if he does he may never be the same player. Without him this defense collapsed down the stretch. You need to find a new leader on that side of the ball.


Baltimore: Harbaugh has to be on the hot seat now. After the success this team has had in past years the recent struggles are all to real. You need to find a successor for Joe Flacco. You need to get some wide receivers, you have a great back in Alex Collins you have a good defense find a backup QB who can transition into a starter and some threats for Flacco down field.

Cincinnati: If the Browns weren’t in this division, this team would be the dumpster fire. You can suggest whatever moves you want for the Bengals the fact is they won’t make them. Marvin Lewis is holding this team hostage. What you need to do to improve is fire him.

Cleveland: Well every season is a big offseason. So go get a QB, that’s all you need. Find a QB, go from there.
AFC South

AFC South

Colts: Listen this team got screwed by Josh McDaniel’s. It was not their fault, this was all on McDaniel’s. Chris Ballard handled it perfectly. So in comes Frank Reich with major questions looming around Andrew Luck. For as much fuss goes into the Colts offensive line it is a young group that will get better with time. There is enough talent there right now to focus on the true struggle for the Colts, defense. This team could have easily gone 8-8 if it were not for blown fourth quarter leads. People try to sweep Indy into the category of a dumpster fire. That is simply un true, go back and look this team competed in every game it played this year. What they need is a line backer and a pass rusher.


Texans: Look the Houston Texans got screwed this year. The teams franchise rookie tore his ACL. It is easy to forget how good Deshaun Watson was. Let me remind you this was a rookie QB who almost pulled the upset in Foxboro and provided the best QB game of the year in Seattle before tearing his ACL. Add that with getting JJ Watt back and this team is in excellent position for next year. Grabbing another receiving threat wouldn’t hurt as Will Fuller disappeared from the offense after the Watson injury.

Jaguars: Nathaniel Hackett turned Blake Bortles into a mid tier QB this year. It looks as if the team is sticking with Bortles so keeping the pieces around him and the dominant defense they had this year will be crucial. Bortles will get his number one target in Allen Robinson back though so if the Jags can grab another quality defensive depth piece I see no reason why they shouldn’t be expected to make the playoffs again next year.

Titans: Tennessee has talent. The key at this point is coaching. Can Mike Vrable turn around Marcus Mariota. On offense finding a new slot receiver may be key if the Titans can’t keep Eric Decker. I honestly believe letting Decker go is the right move. He didn’t look right this year and I think he fits better in a more established offensive system. On the defensive side of the ball in an extremely weak defensive free agency class adding a corner wouldn’t hurt.
AFC West
Chiefs: The Chiefs are all in on Patrick Mahomes. They need running back Kareem Hunt to stay out of trouble this offseason so Mahomes has a reliable back. Oops he’s already being investigated for a domestic violence charge. The Chiefs after letting Derrick Johnson walk now need a line backer. In a free agency class weak on the defensive side they will have to look for that through the draft. The chiefs could also use another quality corner back along side Marcus Peters.


Broncos: Denver is all in on the QB. They will heavily pursue any QB that hits the open market, but the preferred signal caller of one Jon Elway is Kirk Cousins. I would be shocked if the Broncos took a QB at five at this point, Elway knows he can’t scout college QB’s. Instead the Broncos should focus on the O line with there first pick and take a QB in the second round. If Saqon Barkley were ever to fall to Denver Elway would take him, CJ Anderson has stated in several interviews he may want out. The Key is the QB though for this Denver team.

Chargers: The Chargers need one thing this offseason, a kicker. If they make there kicks then they get two more wins and they are a playoff team. However they went and signed Robby Aguayo. WHY, JUST WHY? LIKE HONESTLY YOU KNOW THIS IS YOUR ONE BIGGEST NEED WHY DO YOU SIGN ONE OF THE WORST KICKERS IN RECENT HISTORY? As someone who thinks the NFL is better when the Chargers are better that move makes me extremely frustrated.

Raiders: Jon Gruden must improve the defense with a bad defensive free agency class. So I don’t see that improving. What can be improved is Amari Cooper, they need to work with him to get back to full strength and peak Cooper. They also need to make sure they keep their pieces on the O line and find a running back. Marshawn Lynch is good but if your going to split the workload you need a good secondary back. Dion Lewis or Jeremy Hill would be a good fit.


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