The Ultimate guide to week 4 in 5 minutes.

1. How will time change affect both the Dolphins and Saints offenses. Let’s be honest whoever has the better offense is going to win this game. Will playing in London cool off the Steaming hot Saints or make the lackluster dolphins o even more lethargic?

2. Can the Bills pull off another big upset? It’s not crazy because while Matt Ryan has played well he isn’t lighting up the scoreboard and the Bills have an excellent run defense. Tyrod Taylor also moved the ball up and down the field at will against the Broncos at times last week. If this game were in Buffalo I would pick the Bills but in Atlanta I have to go with the Falcons, don’t be shocked if it’s close though.

3. Can the Browns win against the Bengals? The answer is yes. If not serious questions need to start being asked about Hue Jackson as coach. In other words the loser of this game is going to have a real hot butt.

4. Will Todd Gurley have another big week? Minus Demarcus Lawrence the Cowboys don’t have as many run stuffers as the 49ers did. I could see this being a career day for Gurley and I have the Rams making a statement and winning in Dallas. I need one more game and then I am all in on Jared Goff and this offense and you should be to.
5. What is this Lions Vikings game? There are so many questions and so few answers to this game thus far. Is Sam Bradford going to play? If Case Keenum plays which version do we get? Can the Lions bounce back? Will the Vikings defense expose Matthew Stafford? Lets start there. I love Stafford and loved his first two weeks but in the red zone the Falcons shut him down. This Vikings defense is no joke, can they do the same and were the first two weeks of Matthew Stafford a mirage? So many questions here, so few answers.

Matty stafford
6. How does this Panthers defense respond after being lampooned by the Saints offense at home? The Panthers get the gift of going into Foxboro against a red hot Tom Brady after getting torn apart at home. This was what we thought was one of the best defenses in the NFL and they got exposed against the Saints. Will the Panthers offense be able to move the ball? The apocalypse came for Cam Newtons arm last week. He looked like the QB people feared he would be, struggling coming off a shoulder surgery. Can the Panthers lean on Christian McCaffery and compete in this game?
7. Is Jaguars Jets a sneaky game of the week candidate? Two good defenses two streaky QB’s coming off great performance’s. Two potentially explosive running backs in Leonard Fournette and Bilal Powell. Why not?

8. Who bounces back more, Baltimore or Pittsburgh? If Baltimore bounces back they’ll shut down this Steelers offense and this game will be defensive from start to finish. If Pittsburgh bounces back the Steelers will dominate this game from start to finish. I don’t see Lev Bell taking off against this Ravens defense and I think the Ravens Pass Rush will give ben trouble not to mention this game is in Baltimore. It seems to be a forgone conclusion the Steelers are going to dominate this game, it really shouldn’t be. The Ravens could take over this division with a win on Sunday.
9. Will the Titans success be able to carry over? It seems like we’ve seen this before, the Titans beat a top flight team and drop a game against a division rival the next week. People were so excited about this team in the offseason to solidify that fan base in the regular season they have to beat Houston this week.
10. Can Trevor Siemian bounce back from the worst game of his career? Statistically and visually Siemian put up the worst performance of his brief NFL career against the Bills how he reacts to that game will very much determine the outcome of Broncos Raiders.
11. 49ers Cardinals is a game I should watch because? Let me answer that for you. Carson Palmer is far from dead when he gets good protection, which is coming more often now, he can demolish a secondary, week one was a fluke yes some arm strength is gone but he isn’t dead yet folks. The Kyle Shannahan offense is just getting warmed up and now looks like there ready to do some real damage. Not to mention Carlos Hyde is one of the most undervalued running back in the league, through the first three weeks the guys is a top ten running back in the league. 253 yds and 2 TD extenuates that point.
12. Eagles Chargers, potential blow out for Chargers? The Eagles are without defensive Lynch Pin Fletcher Cox and the Chargers defense played their best game of the year against the Chiefs even though the box score won’t show it. If Phillip Rivers can eliminate mistakes the Chargers have a real shot at winning their first game of the year.
13. Will the Buccaneers bounce back against the Giants? There’s a chance they don’t,
Winston makes just enough mistakes and the Giants offense with Beckham is just good enough to put a win together from there recipe last year. Eli Manning of course could derail this whole thing and the Giants could fall to 0-4.
14. Why is Colts Seahawks a prime-time game? That’s it, the Colts offense isn’t the Titans and Russell Wilson should demolish this Colts defense even with a lack luster O line.
15. Why could Chiefs Redskins be the game of the year? Well the KC offense is the most explosive it has ever been under Andy Ried and Kirk Cousins is hitting his stride. Both of these defenses are great this game is to close to pick.


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