The Ultimate Guide to week 5.

1. Show us your for real. After the Bills beat the Falcons they earned my admiration last week but a lot of the country still seems to dismiss them. Beat up on a bad team like Cincinatti and the whole country will be talking about you come Monday morning.
2. A Jets trap game? Didn’t think I’d be saying that four games through but at 2-2 I think we should expect the Jets to beat a Browns team that seemingly is getting worse every week. However Myles Garrett may make his debut this week and I would expect him to have a massive game, I’m talking Von Miller super bowl kind of game where he wins it for the Browns.
3. Cam Newton, off field stuff aside (don’t even get me started) will have a big week after turning it on against the Patriots. However I think Matthew Stafford is due for a bounce back after two weeks, I’d say Matthew Stafford and the Lions win and Stafford has a career day.
4. 49ers Colts, silent contender for highest scoring game of the week? Two bad defenses two QBs that can play well against bad defenses, I really want to see Brissett go off while he still has the chance but I think San Fran should pretty easily take care of this game.
5. Titans Dolphins, front runner for worst game of the week. Unless Mariota starts this game will be a sleeper.
6. Who gets there first win Giants or Chargers? Giants and here’s why, the Chargers lack effort on defense. You don’t often hear that of NFL defenses, but it is unfortunately true of this team. The Chargers look tired and like they realize this season is a loss. It really is sad, I wish I could say I think the Chargers will competitive this year but they won’t.
7. How many sacks will the Eagles have on Carson Palmer? This may surprise you but I’d say two. The Cardinals line is finally healthy and back together. Is it a recipe for an upset? No but this game may be closer than people think.
8. Can EJ Manuel lead the Raiders to victory? It’s a good question, before throwing a late pick against the Broncos last week Manuel moved the ball surprisingly well. He looked like a decent back up that could win the Raiders winnable games. That being said the Ravens have an experienced defense and maybe the offense can get going against a mediocre Raiders secondary.
9. Are the Rams for real? Well find out Sunday when they play the Seahawks. Now is the best time to be playing the Seahawks though, the defense looked awful for the first half of Sunday night and hasn’t been itself over the past two weeks. The Rams Wade Phillips defense needs a jolt and guess what, a bad o line is just the trick.
10. Do we get a shootout in Dallas again? Actually no, the Cowboys offense looks slow and if this Elliott injury is anything this could be a 42-21 win for the Packers.

Dak 2
11. The Chiefs are not only one of the best offensive teams in the league they also have one of the best defenses. So do the Texans who will undoubtedly shut down Kareem Hunt, I’m of the mind though that he can only be contained for so long. Alex Smith will be forced into the spot light, and he will shine Smith will have a Career night against a good Texans defense. Bigger than New England, Deshaun Watson will also have a good night and expect the Will Fuller show to be in town but the Chiefs Prevail 35 21.

watson deshaun
12. Mitch Trubisky? It’s the only reason to watch this game. Let’s see what the rooks got.

seahawks d

Palmer edit


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