The Ultimate PSF Super Bowl Preview.

I have had a fantastic year doing these. It will be a long offseason but cant wait to get back to writing these in August. Enjoy the final PSF preview. Follow me on Twitter for fire offseason takes @eric18utah.



Patriots Eagles


The Super Bowl the pinnacle of American sports championships. Everyone watches the Super Bowl. In no other sport do you find a more watched championship other than the World Cup finals. This year we get a real gem. Well not really, it’s Tom Brady the undisputed greatest against Nick Foles. The QB matchup is not where this matchup draws intrigue, so the common public are not as invested in this Super Bowl as others. For football heads like myself though this Super Bowl provides tons of intrigue. It is the best defensive line in the league against one of the most mediocre offensive lines. This game is going to force Tom Brady to move. Something he has done insanely well this late in his career. In fact according to most experts Brady’s pocket movement has improved and is at its peak right now. So how do you beat him at this point? That’s hard to answer, maybe it’s impossible.


Brady is a man who has adapted to the game of football. Being a 40 year old QB will do that to a person. He has taken the best part of his game, his mind, and given it legs and a health regiment that he believes will keep him playing into his late 40s. Brady has done what so many athletes cannot, trapped lighting in a bottle and not let it escape his clutches. No matter what you think of the TB12 program one cannot dispute it has done its job extremely well. Brady’s guru Alex Guerrero has caused some tension with Patriots mastermind Bill Belichick but it was clearly over stated in the Seth Wickersham report that can be found here Wickersham article.   However that seems to be a non issue as the Patriots move onto now there eighth Super Bowl appearance. I think there is a smidge of truth to the report, of course Belichick Brady and Kraft have clashed. When you fill an organization with super competitive people they push each other. It’s the Classic football saying, iron sharpens iron.


I think there is a smidge of truth to the report, of course Belichick Brady and Kraft have clashed. When you fill an organization with super competitive people they push each other.

The Patriots are the greatest Dynasty of all time if they win this Super Bowl there will be no debate. On the other side of the ball sit the Eagles. 83 years of constant heart break. Constantly waiting for a promised trophy that has never come. Only heartbreak has followed this team for so long. With Wentz at the helm though there was hope and as all things are with the Eagles it was cruelly swept away by the football Gods. Nick Foles pulled out magic in the NFC Championship game. To say expectation are tempered would be an understatement for this Eagles team. No matter what happens in this game Philly is set for the future with Carson Wentz.


Fletcher Cox
The key matchup in this Super Bowl are the offensive and defensive lines for the Eagles. If the Eagles want a shot at winning this game they have to pound the ball non-stop and get to Brady. That sounds simple but it’s not. If the Patriots are known for one thing its situational football and adjustments. Expect them to run the ball early even if they don’t have tremendous success to grind down the Philly front. My thought is the Patriots will go into half down by at least 7. When they come out of half though and the Eagles defense has been thoroughly exhausted by the run, Brady and Gronk will do their thing and tear up the secondary in the second half. It comes down to this, I don’t trust Nick Foles to win a Super Bowl. Patriots win in a weird semi low scoring game that requires a comeback.
Patriots 27 Eagles 17



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