The Ultimate Week 7 Preview Hot Takes edition.

So, week 7 eh? Time to mix things up usually this is a bunch of loosely correlated points hanging in the balance of space from game to game, boring! We need some fire in here we need some hot takes. So here is one hot take every talk radio show and football podcast will have after this week of action. Mix it up a little more well pick the games too.

1. Buccaneers at Bills: Jameis Winston should be benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick after throwing 5 interceptions. That’s right starting it with true fire, listen Jameis is hurt and he hasn’t played well at all this year. This Bills secondary is so underrated in my opinion they are the fourth best defense in the league according to PFF and more importantly according to the eye test. I think this game gets out of control fast for the Buccaneers 28-10 Bills.

2. Panthers at Bears: Cam Newtons shoulder is not right, and the Bears should be taken seriously. I’ve said it all week, Cam Newton is hurt. I think diving for the pylon against the Eagles he looked to land awkwardly and then throughout the rest of that game proceeded to look as bad as he had in the first two weeks of the season before he got hot. Meanwhile for the Bears this is a real test, the Panthers have one of the best run defenses in the league and chi town will need to lean on the passing game. I think Trubisky comes through and opens peoples eyes to the player he could be, that includes me I see the potential but I want to see more and I think he provides it this week. Bears 24-10.

3. Titans at Browns: Derrick Henry needs to replace Demarco Murray. I mean this is already a hot take brewing it has been since week 3 really. I think Henry will get a majority of touches in this game and really have a break out performance. Here’s the hot take he runs for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns. Titans 35-10.

4. Saints at Packers: We should respect the Saints defense. This point is more aimed at my podcast cohost Chris Chastain (check out the endzone podcast here the rest of the football media has already recognized that this Saints defense isn’t a bottom feeder anymore. Not only is the Saints defense not losing them games, there forcing turnovers to help the offense win games. PFF has them ranked as a top 15 defense and I’ve been preaching that since the pre-season time to get on board sheeple! Second hot take Brett Hundley isn’t going to play awful I think he throws for 2 touchdowns and an interception. Saints 35-17.

5. Jaguars at Colts: Jacoby Brissett is the real deal. The way it sounds right now we won’t see Andrew Luck this year, that’s fine with me because I love watching Jacoby Brissett. If Jack Doyle and Donte Moncrief don’t drop passes Brissett has a 4-touchdown game against the Titans last Monday. Colts 35 Jaguars 17.

6. Rams Cardinals in London: This was the game of the week and the Cardinals are officially trending towards the playoffs. The Rams get off to a hot start Jared Goff looks unstoppable in the first quarter in the first quarter and the Cardinals look dead in the water going to the second down 17-0. In the second Adrian Peterson explodes and scores a touchdown and the score at half is 17-10. Then during the third there are 3 lead changes. The fourth is just as topsy turvy but in the end Carson Palmer comes through with a last second touchdown drive as the Cardinals win 41-38.

7. Jets at Dolphins: The Jets are in real danger of losing a top 3 pick. Josh McCown walks up and down the field on the Dolphins and the Finns offense looks lifeless. Jets 30-13
8. Cowboys at Niners: CJ Beathard is the answer at QB for the Niners. Go watch Bethard march up and down the field on the Redskins off the bench and tell me he isnt a starter. Sure, he’s a product of Kyle Shannahans offense which looked like Kyle Shannahans offense with Beathard under center. That was with about 4 really bad drops from wide open receiver’s. Who cares if he’s a system QB if your putting up numbers and fun to watch you’re a good QB in my book. Niners 35-24.

9. Seahawks at Giants: The Giants are a week to week proposition but there more competitive. Seahawks 24 Giants 17.

10. Bengals at Steelers: The same old hot take. We get it both these teams literally want to kill each other Vontez Burfict is guaranteed a boneheaded play every time these teams meet. It will be close but in the end the Steelers will pull away because it’s the Bengals. Steelers 17-14.

11. Patriots at Falcons: The Falcons were still rattled from the Super Bowl so they lost. First of all they’re over the Super Bowl, its week 7 for god sake. Two they will lose this game because they’re back to what they were before Shannahan, a good team that won’t ever blow you away but you can’t call a bad team. A wildcard team who might make some noise as an upset team in the playoffs but ultimately play down to their competition and lose some games they should win but win some games they should lose. Patriots 42-35.

12. Eagles at Redskins: The Eagles aren’t a lock to win the division yet. Kirk Cousins balls out in primetime as he often does both primetime games the Skins have been involved in this year have been showing outs for Cousins. The Skins take this game but it’s a close one and Jake Elliott wins it. 24-21 Skins.


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