The Winners and Loser Of The Jam Packed First Hours Of Free Agency.

Note I published this at 3pm on Tuesday March 13th with the constant influx of news there will most likely be a part two piece as well. For right now though here are some winners and losers of free agency.



After a Jam-Packed day of NFL Free Agency news let’s take a look at the early winners and losers of free agency.
Big Winner Kirk Cousins
Obviously. Cousins grabbed an awesome sum of money and went to play for the team most likely to win a Lombardi with a top 10 QB. Those who argue otherwise are simply salty that their team wasn’t able to land Kirk. I love this move and I think he fits super well in Minnesota’s system and I can’t wait to see what Jon Defalippo does with him.

Winner Arizona Cardinals
Arizona signed Sam Bradford to a one year deal worth 20 million dollars. Look at the way Sam Bradford played last year before the injury and he is worth the deal. Yes, you could argue it is to much but for an NFL team one year at 20 million for a solid QB is not a lot. Yes, the potential and precedent for Tyrann Mathieu to leave has been set but I do believe that even without honey badger this team can be good. They instantly became the third best team in their division with this move which brings us to our first loser.

Loser Seattle Seahawks
Seattle essentially disbanded their legion of doom. Richard Sherman went to the Niners. Michael Bennet was traded to the Eagles. The Seahawks are essentially left with, a top 5 QB in his prime with no offensive line, aging receiver talent after the departure of Paul Richardson, no running back, and no defense. The Seahawks might take a major step back next year. I mean major I could see this team going from a playoff contender to a 6 to 7 win team. They have Russell Wilson and two top ten Safeties who might also leave, and that’s about it.

Winner Mitchell Trubisky
The Bears needed targets for there young QB and they got them. Allen Robinson provides a deadly deep threat and former Eagles TE Trey Burton provides a big red zone target to replace Zach Miller. While working on a deal for Kyle Fuller becomes essential now the Bears have set themselves up for success and are now not forced to take a Wide out in the draft though if they snagged Calvin Ridley that would make for a dominant offensive look in Chicago next year, hot take the NFC North, not the NFC West is the best division in the NFL. Update: Taylor Gabriel has also signed with the Bears.

Loser Denver Broncos
Obviously not getting Kirk Cousins is a loss. However, that is not the reason the Broncos are on this list. The Broncos are a loser because they can’t seem to decide whether to rebuild or not. On one hand trading away Talib and signing Case Keenum tells the fans you are in a rebuild. On the other hand picking up Demaryius Thomas’s contract tells me that John Elway is still living in the glory days and thinks we have a Super Bowl caliber roster. That is just false. The Broncos dynasty of being an NFL super power is over as of right now. Thomas hasn’t been good since 2014 and has steadily gotten worse every year since. The Broncos won’t commit to a rebuild which will lead to another disappointing 9-7 year of missing the playoffs. Elway doesn’t understand that in the NFL you have to fail and draft well to succeed, spoiler Jon Elway does not draft well.

broncos logo.jpg
Winner Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills
Yesterday the Bengals and Bills swapped first rounders for LT Cordy Glenn. Glenn is a great LT a position which the Bengals needed after Andy Dalton was ravaged by the lack of decent tackle play on the Bengals. It doesn’t make the Bengals a contender, but it fills a need around Dalton. We have seen before, if the talent is good enough around Dalton the Bengals can be a dangerous regular season team. For the Bills it moves them into an excellent position to use there picks to trade into the top 5 and try to snag a QB.
Loser Miami Dolphins
They cut there best defensive player and per usual have no real plan this offseason but to somehow get worse. They also still have serious questions at QB. Jay Cutler won’t be back and even at full health Ryan Tannehill is famously the guy Adam Gase has never wanted. Sure, you get Albert Wilson and Danny Amendola, but those two guys were made by the QB’s they played with. This team is just a complete mess every offseason it seems.

Winner Alex Smith
Washington signed Paul Richardson former Seahawks wide receiver for a five year forty million dollar deal. Paired with Josh Doctson and Jordan Reed Washington arguably improves there receiving core. A lot have people have made this Alex Smith move to be a massive step backwards for the Redskins I would disagree. I think this team has a real shot to win 9-10 games with the talent they have. The Redskins will be a fascinating team to watch through out the rest of free agency and the draft.

alex smith r skins.jpg
Loser Green Bay Packers
The Packers made moves that completely contradicted themselves today. They added an aging tight end who is only good inside the red zone and has major injury concerns in Jimmy Graham. Then they released aging wide out and Aaron Rodgers favorite, Jordy Nelson. These two moves contradict each other because of this, the Packers need to get younger but then decided to get older but also cut an older player in Jordy Nelson. It honestly makes no sense to me. Yes cap space is an issue but Nelson just wasn’t that big of a cap problem. Jordy Nelsons next stop, the Patriots.

Other notable happenings.
Drew Brees resigns with Nola.
Richard Sherman signs with the Niners. I love this signing but didn’t put San Francisco as a winner or loser because yes the Sherman signing makes them a winner but the fact they didn’t grab a wide out early keeps them a bit of a loser but they can obviously address that in the draft.
Sammy Watkins goes to the chiefs improves a pass catching squad that loses Albert Wilson to the Dolphins.
Demarco Murray cut by Titans Derrick Henry is a must pick up in fantasy now.
Brashad Breeland signs with the Panthers. Replaces Daryl Whorley.
Jimmy Graham signs with Packers. Who knows how much he has left in the tank. The fact he got a three year deal is insane, just feels like an old roster got older.
Josh McCown Resigns with Jets. What does this mean for Teddy Bridgewater?



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