The Winners and Losers of the Ezekiel Elliott Appeal.

Ezekiel Elliott’s 6 game suspension has been upheld. Though due to the timing of the filing of the appeals process Elliot will get to play in week 1. This is a messy complicated and downright confusing legal case and it’s only going to get murkier. Let’s talk about what we do know, the winners and losers of this appeal.
The NFL: The last thing the league wants is to end up in the national spot light off the field again. They just got over this little thing, you may have heard of it, called deflate gate. They don’t want another long and arduous court battle brewing.
Elliott: Obviously he loses pay and contract leverage. If you think about it, less snaps means less game tape to evaluate him on.
Zeke fantasy owners: You get a monster game from him in game one. Every week matters and maybe you’ll beat Phil the accountant, god you hate that guy, that’s a win for your fantasy team and work place relationship game.

The Cowboys: They get Elliott for a crucial division game then lose him for only 5 games, because week 7 is a bye for them, and Zeke can return against the Chiefs in week 8. Meaning, down the stretch you have a fresh legged Elliott who has already gotten his warm up in game 1. The Cowboys can survive five games without Elliott because of our next winner.
Dak Prescott: Prescott doesn’t have to face the fourth best defense in the league, in the giants, without his running attack and then he gets to prove himself. Against a much-weakened Denver d but if he has a good game their people will see it as his arrival to the ranks of a top ten NFL QB. Then he’ll get to see an awful Packers d and will impress again against the Cardinals. Basically, Prescott will prove the haters and doubters wrong while getting his weapon for the hardest game in the first half of the Cowboys season.

Dallas Wide receiver’s: By extension of Dak being a winner of course. Cole Beasley is going to have a fantastic first half and if Dez can stay healthy he’ll get a chance to propel himself back into the top 5 wide out debate.



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