TheShow “Roster Update” 6-2

It’s everybody’s favorite time of the week when we prepare for the roster update to come on Friday. By now you can kind of tell who is most likely to be getting an upgrade. One of our favorites his week, Aaron Judge. If you’ve recently looked at the Market, 4 days ago Aaron Judge could be bought immediately for 594 stubs. Today, (Tuesday) Judge is just over 1k stubs. Would I invest now in a player like Judge? Most likely not. If Judge goes gold, which we fully expect, he will sit around 1-2k stubs. The major jump in his price will be if he gets to diamond, which may take some time. So let’s get into it with this weeks roster update predictions!

This one is a no-brainer. For the past 2 weeks we have been waiting for Dallas Keuchel to go Diamond. A little over a week ago Dallas sat at 6-0 and had an apparent injury. Last Friday we expected the jump but SDS was hesitant to give him the boost. Following another solid 2 outings it’s going to happen this Friday where Dallas Keuchel reaches Diamond status. 

Matt Kemp was a member of last weeks upgrades but he has not slowed down since. This isn’t a pick that is 100% but it’s always good to be optimistic. Most likely you won’t see a player having back to back upgrades. But Kemp has remained hot and has been carrying the Atlanta offense with slugger Freddie Freeman out. There is a chance Kemp hits the 85 mark and turns into a gold card.

Starting the 2017 season deGrom was set at an 89 overall gold card. The first 2-3 weeks of the season a lot of fans expected him to get the +1 quickly. But as seen this year, SDS has been very cautious with who they upgrade/downgrade. The fact of the matter is deGrom is still dealing at an all time high. Carrying the Mets pitching staff with Thor out, deGrom should receive his +1 this week, possibly a +2. 

Aaron Judge upgrade is not up for debate. He was one of the top performers in April and has continued his hot season. Last night reclaiming the League leading homerun record at 17 HR. Judge was featured in a new card series in the month of April, I don’t expect him to get another top performer but he will go gold this week. His trend in the market place says so as well. I am not the only one who believes this. 

One of the most underrated closers in the game right now. Rockies closing pitcher Greg Holland is among the leagues best in saves, ERA, and strikeouts. In the 9th inning the Rockies have been able to call Holland out in any situation and he has delivered. This is a pick that has flew under the radar. Not many have acknowledged his stunning success this season but I think he receives a +2 or +3.

Starting at a silver this season, Blackmon has done nothing but prove people wrong. In the month of May Blackmon has hit .360 with 6 HR’s  and 22 RBI’s. Charlie is a candidate for top performers of May. He has worked his way up to an 86 overall gold and I thtink he goes a bit higher this week. There is a good chance Blackmon hits an 88 overall only slightly raising his value. But if he does get an upgrade this week, there is huge potential he goes Diamond this year. 

Ervin Santana wasn’t expected to be off to the start he has had this season. The right handed vet has been absolutely dominant for the Minnesota Twins as they have hung around in their division. Santana hasn’t been given the most generous rating this season. I believe Santana has a 60% chance to Gold this week, although I am 100% sure he will receive an upgrade of some sort regardless of overall. He’s among the leagues best this season. 

Not a popular pick. But Starlin Castro has been one of the most consistent players in the league this season. Riding alongside Aaron Judge, Castro and the Yankees continue their overwhelming success this season. Castro was expected to get an upgrade in the past weeks, but many including myself think that he is on his way to a gold this season. There is a strong chance he gets an upgrade this season following his absentees in recent weeks. 


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