Time to Worry About Lonzo’s Shot?

Through 13 games, Lonzo Ball has been less than stellar shooting the ball. We all know he has a funky shot, but it has always seemed to work for him. But is it time to start worrying about it?

Lonzo has had some great games, including becoming the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple double (he beat LeBron’s age by 5 days), but he has certainly had some ups and downs. He’s had only 4 double digit scoring games, where he’s scored 29, 10, 13 and 19. Now, Lonzo wasn’t projected to be a big time scorer, but his shooting percentage is definitely troubling. Through these 13 games, he’s shooting 31% from the field, 25% from 3, and 50% from the free throw line. Those numbers are less than ideal.

Magic Johnson in an interview on Mike and Mike, said that the Lakers have no plans on messing with Lonzo’s shot for now, and I have to agree with him. It’s early in the season, and you have to hope his shot starts to fall as he adjusts to the game and the season moves along. The worst thing you could do is try to make a drastic change early in the season, as it could very possible ruin the rest of his year, and maybe even his confidence moving forward. Seems to me like the best course of action is no action for the time being, and then try to make the adjustment in the offseason.

I’ve seen some people calling Lonzo a bust, and I just want to say it is entirely too early for that. Plus, he’s played pretty well, if you take out his shooting woes. He’s played better defense than I expected, he’s definitely as good a passer as everyone said, and he clearly had a good feel for the game. This kid is just getting started.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we forget about these struggles by the end of the season. Honestly, people love to hate him and he has a target in his back because of his dad, and I get that, but don’t hate the kid because of the sins of his father. Also, don’t be surprised if he finishes top 3 in the ROY voting (Ben Simmons is clearly the favorite to win it). Lonzo can ball (no pun intended), and I think he can get these troubles fixed and get back on track by Christmas.

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