Top 10 by position. Part 2

MLB Network has published their latest edition of Top 10 players by position, addressing the top 10 Catchers and top 10 Left Fielders.

As promised I’ll do mine, now while doing these top 10 lists, my goal is to rank right now all things being equal, salary, age, durability, who are the 10 best players in that position, it’s not about surplus value.

Like an example, Bryce Harper and Clayton Kershaw are clearly the best players at their position, but due to their contractual situation, both are not even close to the top, when it comes to surplus value.

If you were to ask a GM right now, under their current deals, who would they take Yelich or Harper, they’d all say Yelich, but ask, for 1 year at the same salary, who would they take, Harper unquestionably.

Just wanted to make that clear, and also how they performed in the past season, is a factor, but it’s not all, you have to look at the overall body of work.

With that being said, let’s begin.

Top 10 Catchers by MLB Network.

1, Buster Posey
2, Gary Sanchez
3, Willson Contreras
4, Yasmani Grandal
5, J.T. Realmuto
6. Austin Barnes
7, Mike Zunino
8, Yadier Molina
9, Tyler Flowers
10, Robinson Chirinos

My Top 10 Catchers

1, Buster Posey

2, Gary Sanchez

3, JT Realmuto

4, Wilson Contreras

5, Yasmany Grandal

6, Austin Barnes

7, Mike Zunino

8, Russel Martin

9, Salvador Perez

10, Yadier Molina

Tier 1: Buster Posey

Tier 2: Gary Sanchez, JT Realmuto, Wilson Contreras, Yasmany Grandal, and Austin Barnes.

Tier 3: Mike Zunino, Russel Martin, Salvador Perez and Yadier Molina.

As much as the last 3, Martin, Perez and Molina have declined, they still produce good value and deserved these last 3 spots.

Top 10 Left Fielders by MLB Network

  1. Marcell Ozuna
    2. Yoenis Cespedes
    3. Justin Upton
    4. Ryan Braun
    5. Trey Mancini
    6. Khris Davis
    7. Adam Eaton
    8. Andrew Benintendi
    9. Marwin Gonzalez
    10. Brett Gardner

My top 10 Left Fielders:

1, Christian Yelich

2, Marcell Ozuna

3, Adam Eaton

4, Rhys Hoskins

5, Andrew Benintendi

6, Yoenis Cespedes

7, Justin Upton

8, Brett Gardner

9, Nomar Mazara

10, Joc Pederson

I decided not to do any tiers, just because the more i attempt to do it, any tier i come up with, seems like in some way a stretch and I’m sure that there are multiple rankings that could be rearranged, it’s all very close.

First off, I put Yelich in the LF list, because he is a left fielder, played there a ton, and moved to center, due to the Marlins two great corner OF, Ozuna and Stanton, and their inability to play center, and Yelich will move back to left, with Milwaukee.

Hoskins is on the list, because he will play left field, and I’ve seen him play, there so it’s not a major question mark, whether he can or not.

No one knows exactly how much playing time Gardner is going to get in left, but he will get some and that’s his natural position.

I did not include Conforto nor Pham as both will clearly play other positions in 2018.

PS: I know, Eaton and Hoskins at 3rd and 4th, it’s bold, but looking at what i expect, based on objective analysis from what they have produced, that’s where i feel they should be.

The last 2 spots i had a tough time with, lots of players close to each other, ultimately i went with those two as they provide a similar floor to what the other candidates do and give a higher ceiling.

I’m officially on the Hoskins bandwagon, solely based on facts, i believe he will be a great player.

Regarding Eaton, if you look at his last 2 years in Chicago, the production is there and with his plus defense in left, there’s a ton of value

As always feel free to comment, suggest, subscribe and anything else you can think of, any questions you may have, i’m here to answer them.


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