Top 10 by position. Part 3, SP and 1B

As we reach another weekend, it’s time for another edition of top 10 players right now, today we’ll rank the 10 best starting pitchers and first basemen.

MLB Network’s Top 10 SP

1, Clayton Kershaw
2, Corey Kluber
3, Chris Sale
4, Max Scherzer
5, Stephen Strasburg
6, Madison Bumgarner
7, Noah Syndergaard
8, Carlos Carrasco
9, Justin Verlander
10, Kyle Hendricks

My (proper) top 10 SP.

1, Clayton Kershaw.
2, Corey Kluber.
3, Max Scherzer.
4, Chris Sale.
5, Stephen Strasburg.
6, Noah Syndergaard
7, Madison Bumgarner
8, Jacob DeGrom
9, Luis Severino
10, Zack Greinke/Justin Verlander/Carlos Carrasco

Tier 1: Kershaw.

Tier 2: Kluber, Scherzer, Sale and Strasburg.

Tier 3: Syndergaard, Bumgarner, DeGrom, Severino, Greinke/Verlander/Carrasco.

Few notes.

1, Yes Kershaw is in another tier, one if his own. Look at career ERA+

Kershaw 161

Next, closest are Sale, Kluber, and Strasburg in the 130’s. Scherzer is high 120’s (127).

He had an off year, compared to career years from his competition, and finished second in ERA+ to Kluber.

In 2016 he pitched in levels none of them have ever reached.

2, On that last spot i just could not make a decision, very close, if you back me up to a corner, i’ll say, Carrasco is probably slightly better, but the track record and all that comes and durability (Carrasco career high is 200.0 Innings, second best is 183.2) make it very close.

3 guys to watch out.

Aaron Nola, Chris Archer and James Paxton.

Just missed the cut, like all 3 of them, especially the first two, Paxton scares me a bit.


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