Top 10 Right Now, CF and RP

Hi everyone, I’m sorry about the lack of articles lately, just had a lot on my plate this weekend, wasn’t feeling too good yesterday, but I’m back and here we go with part 4 of the top 10 series. Today we’ll tackle centerfield and relief pitchers.

Top 10 CF by the Shredder (MLB Network)

  1. Mike Trout, Angels
  2.  Tommy Pham, Cardinals
  3.  Charlie Blackmon, Rockies
  4. George Springer, Astros
  5.  Lorenzo Cain, Brewers
  6. Christian Yelich, Brewers
  7.  Kevin Kiermaier, Rays
  8.  Chris Taylor, Dodgers
  9.  Michael Conforto, Mets
  10.  A.J. Pollock, D-backs



My top 10 CF
1, Mike Trout
(Grand Canyon)
2, George Springer

3, Michael Conforto

4, Charlie Blackmon

5, Lorenzo Cain

6, Kevin Kiermaier

7, Byron Buxton

8, Tommy Pham

9, Chris Taylor

10, Jackie Bradley Jr.

Tier 1: Mike Trout.
Tier 2: George Springer and Michael Conforto.
Tier 3: 4-10

Nothing needs to be said about Trout being so far ahead of everyone else, but the reason why Springer and Conforto belong in tier 2 and all the others in tier 3 is that they áre simply better hitters than the others, their hitting is on another level.

Conforto is for real. A piece on him will come explaining that, before the season.

Kiermaier is underrated, love the floor with him and Buxton.

I believe in Taylor and Pham’s breakouts but only that much, which is still pretty good.

Top 10 RP by The Shredder (MLB Network)

1. Kenley Jansen, Dodgers
2. Andrew Miller, Indians
3. Craig Kimbrel, Red Sox
4. Chad Green, Yankees
5. Archie Bradley, D-backs
6. Zach Britton, Orioles
7. Corey Knebel, Brewers
8. Aroldis Chapman, Yankees
9. Brad Hand, Padres
10. Raisel Iglesias, Reds

My top 10
1, Kenley Jansen.

2, Craig Kimbrel.

3, Andrew Miller.

4, Aroldis Chapman

5, Chad Green

6, Wade Davis.

7, Roberto Osuna.

8, Corey Knebel.

9, Felipe Rivero

10, Tommy Kahnle/Archie Bradley.

Tier 1: Jansen and Kimbrel
Tier 2: Miller.
Tier 3: Chapman, Green, and Davis.
Tier 4: Osuna, Knebel, Rivero and Kahnle/Bradley

Firat let me explain my ranking, it’s great to have top-flight relievers, but in the regular season like the Nats proved last year, you can be a great team with an atrocious bullpen, so with that mind and the inevitable fluctuation that comes with relief pitching performance,  one must take into the account the old school part of this, who do you trust in a big spot.

An example of this is my ranking of Wade Davie, all the guys behind him were more dominant than him last year, he is not the same as he once was, but he is still very good and gives you performances like the one in game 5 against Washington.

There are several pitchers that didn’t make the list and have top 10 stuff, guys like Betances, Britton, Devenski and more, it’s about recent events, very unpredictable.

As always feel free to comment, suggest, subscribe and anything else you can think of, any questions you may have, I’m here to answer them.


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  1. David Robertson was as valuable as any of the other Yankee relievers.

    • true, he is borderline top 10, i just like Kahnle a little more, but he’s right there, relievers are very tricky

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