Top 15 MLB players this season

This list is strictly based on what each individual player has done this season. The main factor in this list is the stat “WAR” or wins above replacement.

15. Michael Conforto (2.0 WAR)

Conforto has definitely filled the void in the Mets offense left

14. Mookie Betts (1.9 WAR)

Mookie Betts sure is a special player. Leading all outfielders in defense while hitting .276 with a .849 OPS

13. Ryan Zimmerman (2.1 WAR)

Ryan Zimmerman leads the whole league in batting average at an amazing .371 mark. He has 14 HR’s, 41 RBI’s and an incredible 1.115 OPS

12. Buster Posey (2.2 WAR)

Posey is by far the best catcher in the league in my eyes. On top of being on of the best defenders, he has been by far the best hitting catcher in the league. With a .351 Avg and a .979 OPS.

11. Carlos Correa (2.1 WAR)

Correa has been an absolute terror as of late. He is hitting .316 on the season with 9 home runs. He is leading the Astros, along with Altuve and Keuchel to the top of the league.

10. Corey Dickerson (2.4 WAR)

Dickerson, who used to play for the Rockies, was a victim of fans accusing him of only hitting well due to Coors field. This year, with the Rays he is hitting .346 on the season with 12 home runs.

9. Miguel Sano (2.5 WAR)

Sano has been a pleasant surprise in 2017 after a disappointing 2016 season. He is hitting .292 with 12 home runs.

8. Zack Cozart (2.6 WAR)

Cozart, as well as Goldschmidt, is incredibly underrated. The fact that he plays for the Reds doesn’t help him too much though. Cozart is 3rd in the league in batting average hitting .347 on the season, with 7 home runs.

7. Freddie Freeman (2.6 WAR)

Freeman was absolutely crushing it this year before landing on the DL. He was hitting .314 with 14 long balls in 135 at bats.

6. Charlie Blackmon (2.3 WAR)

Charlie Blackmon is among the best hitters in MLB today. Yes, he does play at Coors field but that cannot take away what he has done this year. He is hitting .327 with 13 home runs. Also, Blackmon leads the league in RBI’s despite being a leadoff hitter which is incredible.

5. Paul Goldschmidt (2.5 WAR)

Goldy may be the most underrated player in the MLB today. He has been incredible for the last couple of years. He sits behind Rizzo in the ASG voting but that is not deserved at all. Look for Paul to continue to carry the D-Backs

4. Bryce Harper (2.5 WAR)

Bryce Harper has bounced back after a pretty disappointing 2016 season. He is hitting .328 with 15 home runs, plus one fight with Hunter Strickland. But in reality, Harper has proven that he is one of the best in the league once again.

3. Aaron Judge (2.6 WAR)

Judge is by far the biggest surprise of 2017, after an awful 2016 campaign he has completely turned things around this year by hitting .323 with 17 home runs.

2. Chris Sale (3.2 WAR)

Sale has been fantastic this year 2.77 era, 110 strikeouts in 78 innings pitched is complete dominance. Sale is the favorite to win AL Cy Young by quite a bit.

1.Mike Trout (3.5 WAR)

No need to explain this one. Mike Trout sure is special, too bad for his thumb injury.



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