Top 25 Fantasy Football QBs (July 25th)

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Top 50 RBs

Top 50 WRs

Today will be releasing our top 25 QBs heading into 2017. Understanding the value of quarterbacks is extremely important to a successful fantasy football team. Simply put it, the QB position just isn’t as valuable as the RB or WR and frankly, it is not even close. The difference between the number 1 and number 12 QB last season was 112 points while the difference between the number 1 and number 12 RB was 193 points. It is extremely important to understand the value a QB brings to your fantasy football team. Without more, I present to you our top 25 QBs for re-draft leagues! Note, this list is made for standard scoring leagues.


These rankings were made by @prosportsfandom @FantasyftblPSF and @TVo_20 on Twitter. Keep posted for our weekly updated rankings. Thanks for reading!


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