Top 5 Athletes That Rap

“Athletes want to be rappers, rappers want to be athletes,” Lil Wayne. Nowadays, it seems like most athletes are releasing rap songs. Although, most songs released by athletes are not very good, some athletes are very talented. In this article, I will rank the best 5 current rapping athletes.

5. Melvin Ingram
Melvin Ingram recently emerged into the rap scene, claiming he’s the best rapper in all sports. Going by the rap name SupaMel, he released his debut mixtape called Franchise Tag. In this eleven song mixtape, he showed that he has some rap skills.
Favorite bar: “When it’s good everybody wants a handout, when it’s bad they disappear, they don’t stand out”
Favorite song: Motivation

4. Iman Shumpert
Recently, Iman Shumpert has not been dropping any music. In his New York Knicks days, he released some pretty good rap songs. His first project “Th3 #Post90s mixtape”, was impressive. His most popular song “Knicks Anthem”, shouts out the Knicks team and has some nice bars.
Favorite bar: “Yea, I’m talking Melo, yea, I’m talking Tyson, and that’s a gold medal”
Favorite song: Knicks Anthem

3. Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball has been caught freestyling on his brothers snapchats. After some convincing from fans, Ball dropped his first song ‘Free Smoke Remix”, in this song, he showed some talent. He also posted a freestyle on Twitter filled with solid bars. It is unclear if Ball will release anymore music, but if he does, it should be good.
Favorite bar: “Put a “y” in front of Jesus, but she aint in love with no Kardashian”
Favorite song: Free Smoke Remix

2. Le’Veon Bell
Bell has been quoted calling himself the best rapper amongst athletes. He has dropped some very good music, including his project “Post Interview”. Bell goes by the rap name “Juice”. One of his most popular songs is Skip Bayless diss, “Shrimp Bayless”. I am excited to see what new music he has in store.
Favorite bar: “I’ve been known to tote the rock, and I don’t mean Dwayne Johnson”
Favorite song: Shrimp Bayless

1. Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard is clearly the best rapper within athletes. Lillard is comparable to some of the more popular rappers today. Going by the rap name “Dame D.O.L.L.A.”, Lillard has been voted by most athletes the best rapper. His most recent album “The Letter O”, a great album, with a positive message, is one of the best rap albums made by an athlete. His songs come with great messages, including overcoming adversity and hate.
Favorite bar: “I aint make the all-star game, but I’m flu game sick, last time they count me out, what I do game 6?”
Favorite song: Bigger Than Us


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