Top 50 WRs Fantasy Football (July 23nd)

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Well, yesterday we were able to release our top 50 RBs and today we were able to get out top 50 WRs. There are several approaches you can take as a fantasy player regarding WRs; whether that is to take the Zero-RB route and take three WRs with your first three picks or go RB heavy and draft late round WRs, both can be potentially league-winning strategies is managed correctly. Here at Pro Sports Fandom, we like to give multiple points of view and that is why we have three sets of rankings next to each other, both done by separate people. Also, we will be releasing our top 25 QBs and top 15 TEs within the next few days. Without more, I present to you our top 50 RBs for re-draft leagues! Note, this list is made for PPR scoring leagues.


These rankings were made by @prosportsfandom @FantasyftblPSF and @TVo_20 on Twitter. Keep posted for our upcoming top 25 QBs. Thanks for reading!


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