Top Landing Spots for Sonny Gray

The trade deadline has brought a lot of excitement so far, but some of the biggest pieces have yet to go. We are going to break down some of the top landing spots for RHP, Sonny Gray.

New York Yankees

The Yankees have just gotten their first place spot back, but they know they need one more good pitcher to hold that spot. This year only two Yankees’ pitchers hold under a 3.75 ERA and that is Severino and Sabathia, so it is obvious they need one more good pitcher in their rotation. Sonny Gray has posted a decent 3.42 ERA in 97.0 innings pitched to this point in 2017. According to Jon Morosi, the Athletics are “believed to prefer Florial over Frazier because of defense.”

Chicago Cubs

Chicago is reported to be another team in the running for Gray per Morosi. The Cubs have been playing a lot better since the ASB, but they still need one more starting pitcher. If the Cubs were to acquire Gray they would have a rotation with Jon Lester, Jose Quintana, Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks, and Sonny Gray. This rotation would be very dangerous, but it is being reported that Almora would probably be the piece headed the other way and I don’t know if the Cubs would want to do that.

Los Angles Dodgers

I don’t want to even think about the Dodgers if they acquire Gray.  Can you imagine how dangerous they would be? The Dodgers would have four, yes four, starting pitchers with under a 3.50 ERA when Kershaw returns.  If the Dodgers do not get Gray, then watch for them to go after someone like Yu Darvish or Justin Verlander.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are one of the teams that have been connected to the Athletics for a possible trade, but out of the five teams I am naming the Brewers lowest on the radar. This year the Brewers have surprised many teams and they are currently .5 a game back of the Cubs for first in the NL Central. We all know the Brewers want another good starting pitcher to help chase the Cubs, but do they want to give up their top prospects to go after first this year. Bob Nightengale states that the A’s want the Brewers top young outfielder in Lewis Brinson, but the Brewers do not want to give him up.

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros are one of the top teams in baseball this year, and it is crystal clear that they are eyeing a World series run and grabbing one more good pitcher could make it a reality. With Dallas Keuchel coming back, this rotation will already be dangerous, but acquring Gray will make them really, really, really dangerous come playoff time. If they do get Gray, the Astros will not have one pitcher in their rotation that has an ERA over 4.00.


This wraps it up for Sonny Gray.  Follow us on twitter @1N2W_ for more news on the trade deadline.


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